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Interesting projects, data and a dash of recruiting - day in the life of Nitor's Data Architect

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Written by

Ella Raskila
People Partner

Ella Raskila is focusing on recruiting and employer branding activities. She has experience in talent acquisition in IT industry. Ella loves making Nitor's employee experience and culture visible.


August 18, 2021 · 4 min read time

Have you ever wondered what a Data Architect does? Read on to learn about data architect's work day and how Tuomas ended up as a digital engineer in the Nitor Insight team.

In our new blog series, you’ll get to know the data wizards at Nitor in more detail and see how they solve our customers' problems in utilizing data. In this first part of the series, we talked to Senior Data Architect Tuomas Ritola.

An interest in computers lead to a career in software development and data 

Tuomas was interested in computers already as a child.

"I got my first computer, a Commodore 64, when I was six years old. I have always been interested in computers, and I spent most of my free time working with computers. When I was younger, I was also interested in becoming a game developer."

However, over time, he began to take a serious interest in business software development and working with data.

"I first worked as a research assistant at the university, but through a recruitment event, I ended up in a company that developed software for the industry. Among other things, I was able to make an IoT platform there. Moving to the Helsinki metropolitan area was a certain turning point, and at that point, I felt like it might be a good time to look at what was on offer elsewhere. I saw Nitor's software developer recruitment ad on LinkedIn. I was particularly attracted by the fact that I would be able to work with experienced colleagues."

It was this position in software development that brought Tuomas to Nitor, but since then he has moved on to work with other topics.

“I started at Nitor as a software developer, but soon I was able to move to another topic of interest, namely data. It was great to see that at Nitor you really can have a genuine impact on your work description as well as professional development.” 

Customer projects, recruiting, and big data 

Nitor Insight offers research and consulting services in the utilisation of data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science are part of sustainable digital development, which includes pragmatic architecture, design, large-scale agility and technology services already in place at Nitor.

 "At the moment, I have a wide range of data architect tasks in a customer project. For example, I write ETL pipelines with PySpark and automate things with Bash and Python scripts. I also solve problems related to data quality. In a current project, everything is implemented on top of AWS. "

 According to Tuomas, the best thing about being a data architect is getting involved in interesting customer cases and challenges that the work presents. 

 "The coolest thing about this work is to get involved in interesting projects in large Finnish companies and to do things that have an impact on customers' business and help them. I have been able to act as a Tech Lead, for example, and at the moment, I am on a project working closely with the customer's own Data Scientist. We work with really large customer data masses on a Finnish scale."

Tuomas’ days are mostly spent on working on customer projects, but he likes to be actively involved in the recruitment of new colleagues. 

“Nitor Insight's team is still quite small, so we can all influence the recruitment of new team members.” 

Building the kind of workplace where you want to work in yourself 

Tuomas appreciates the self-organized, agile work and good work-life balance Nitor offers. 

"Nitor offers everyone the opportunity to develop things that they consider important. We can take part in how this company develops, and changes are implemented agilely. In this company, you can be involved in building a workplace where you really want to work. At Nitor, you can take part in developing the working culture and practices, for example."

For Tuomas, the best thing about Nitor Insight is colleagues. According to him, Nitor Insight is like a start-up within Nitor. 

"I feel that we have been very successful in recruiting as we have a close-knit and excellent team. Everyone is very motivated, and we have lots of in-depth expertise. You can learn a lot from colleagues here."

At Nitor, Tuomas also particularly appreciates that learning is strongly supported and working hours can be used to study new things. Communality and teamwork are also important for him.

"We have a great team spirit at Nitor. Community is one of our main themes, and I feel that it has been a success. Although Nitor has grown in recent years, people have wanted to hold on to the sense of community and have succeeded in preserving it."

Tuomas spends his free time mainly cycling and out in his yard. At Nitor, Tuomas also appreciates the balance between work and leisure.

"There is no pressure to work overtime or to have multiple projects at the same time. A job well done is the most important thing."

Written by

Ella Raskila
People Partner

Ella Raskila is focusing on recruiting and employer branding activities. She has experience in talent acquisition in IT industry. Ella loves making Nitor's employee experience and culture visible.