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Scaled agile pioneer Maarit Laanti nominated as SAFe Fellow

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May 13, 2020 · 2 min read time

Maarit Laanti is the first Nordic SAFe Fellow. It is the most prestigious distinction that can be awarded to individuals who have exhibited the highest levels of thought leadership and transformational expertise for implementing the Scaled Agile Framework.

Nitor’s Maarit Laanti has been nominated as SAFe Fellow. Only 20 people have received the distinction globally and Laanti is the first Nordic person to earn the honor. The esteemed nomination is given by Scaled Agile Inc., the American company behind Scaled Agile Framework or SAFe, the leading method of developing organizations to be more agile.

“I met Dr. Maarit Laanti while working at Nokia. In 2016 we had the opportunity to train over 140 executives at Nokia in emerging lean and agile practices. That training led to the creation of Leading SAFe. Maarit became an early and passionate supporter of SAFe as well as a thought leader on the subject of Agile Portfolio Management. Maarit has personally trained over 2,000 people in SAFe. She is a prolific writer, well respected by her peers, and has made many significant contributions to the SAFe community. We are thrilled to welcome her to the SAFe Fellow community,” says the creator of SAFe and Chief Methodologist of Scan Agile Dean Leffingwell.

Scaled Agile Inc. offers certified training through its global partner network. SAFe is the most practiced method of managing lean and agile development of services and products. Around 500,000 people in 110 countries have completed the SAFe training so far.

“There are SAFe users in every possible industry from cybersecurity to satellites, motors, and car manufacturing as well as more traditional sectors within software development such as IT, banking, and insurance companies. Organizations are willing to invest in SAFe to improve their productivity, turnaround, quality, and the motivation of their employees,” Maarit Laanti says.

Maarit’s merits include contribution to Lean-Agile budgeting to the SAFe 3.0 framework and the world’s first dissertation on the company-wide implementation of agile methodologies. Maarit has held countless talks and presentations and written insightful blogs on agile from fresh perspectives. You can soon see Maarit talk about the new way of creating value stream analyses at European SAFe Summit, or meet her as track chair at Scan Agile, or at XP conference that are all held entirely online this year.

Maarit’s thoughts on implementing SAFe the right way can also be found on Em Cambell-Pretty’s book ”The ART of Avoiding Train Wreck” or on recent whitepapers.

“The Finnish language is especially close to my heart, and I’m thrilled that I was able to do my part in developing the Finnish SAFe terminology as well as localizing the framework. Finnish was the first and still the rarest language among other 11 SAFe terminology translations,” Maarit says.

This year Maarit was also nominated as one of the 100 women who have helped to promote the use of Lean and Agile methods by Lean in Agile for Women. You can find Maarit’s LIA100 interview here.

More information about the other 20 SAFe Fellows can be found here:


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