We are Nitor, the Digital Engineering company, where we help our clients succeed. We trust our talent and expertise so much that we promise a lifetime guarantee for our code. Would you want to jump in and create code that lasts literally forever? If you are also passionate about databases, cloud technologies and creating top-notch interfaces, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

About the role

As a Backend Developer you will be working on building maintainable core infrastructure for our customers’ business needs. You will participate in designing the system architecture and integrations while balancing the needs of performance, cost and simplicity. 

In our work, we follow a modern DevOps model with testing automation, continuous integration and delivery, and other agile development methods. What is more important to us than following a single method is independent thinking, using common sense and a pragmatic way of working.

Nitor Fellow Mikko Tiihonen thinks that designing big systems from scratch is interesting. "Staying at an excellent consulting company with good support while being able to switch projects and stacks keeps my mind fresh. And having the option to participate in events, be they sport or culture, helps keep a good balance in life"

P.S. By Fellow we mean a person who has worked at Nitor for 10 years or more. Maybe we can call you a Nitor Fellow as well someday? 🏅

Who are we looking for? 

Skills we consider useful include the following: Java, NodeJS, REST, databases, cloud technologies (AWS, Azure or GCP), testing frameworks and continuous deployment tools. Experience in functional programming is a plus, but not mandatory.

We are constantly looking for new employees, so do not wonder why this job post is not going anywhere. We do not have growth targets with regard to the number of employees. Instead, we want to find more leading experts whom we can proudly call Nitoreans. At Nitor, it’s you and your unique skills and personal interests that define the direction of your career. 

Benefits and such 😎

You do not have to be a ready and complete package, as we invest in you in many ways, such as giving you 10% of your working hours as quality time to develop yourself and Nitor. That is in addition to a minimum of a week of paid training per year. You get to participate in DevDays, Code and Design Camps, internal lightning talks and strategic discussions. You also do not have to spend your own time writing open source code, but are paid to do it.

Other benefits that we think might interest you:

  • Extensive occupational health benefits, which include health insurance, special doctors, dental care and services to support mental health

  • Full, paid holidays regardless of which time of the year you start

  • We have our own “Iron bank”, which means that you can choose your own work equipment and update it using the budget that increases monthly

  • Two strategy trips together in a year: somewhere in Lapland in the winter and a trip to Europe in autumn. Previously we’ve been to places like Pisa, Scotland and Dubrovnik. 

  • You can attend training and conferences of your choice, also abroad! 

  • We have a cool office with a sauna and a rooftop terrace, all Nitoreans can use the office for their own events and all of the family members and friends are also warmly welcome! 

  • The Nitor community is important to us, and that's why Nitor supports all kinds of get-togethers with other Nitoreans like running clubs, wine tastings, movie nights, and board games.. you name it! We also have sauna aficionados and cold swimming enthusiasts. 

We are not only lean and low-bureaucracy but also provide a creative environment of friendly intellectuals.

Sounds interesting? Apply now, if you want to work with top professionals! You can also send us your link to GitHub, if you have one. Please contact our Talent Partner Erkko Vanhakartano, if you want to hear more about working in Nitor. You can reach Erkko in LinkedIn or by email (erkko.vanhakartano@nitor.com).