Nitor, The Digital Engineering Company, boasts nearly 200 leading experts in software development, design, lean-agile transformation, business strategy and data science in Helsinki and Stockholm.

We like to solve problems of the difficult kind, together, and with our clients. Characterised by our creativity, we build business-critical solutions that can keep pace with ever-changing needs, transforming technology into scalable services. That's how we evolve with every challenge and opportunity. It's something we like to call sustainable digital development. 

We believe that our values – unity, agility, effectiveness, pragmatism, and passion – resonate among those who want to work creating high-quality digital services. We welcome you to a conversation on how these values are visible at Nitor – and how they contribute to the best customer and employee satisfaction in the industry.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a forward-thinking person who will focus on developing our business in Stockholm. Are you an experienced digital consulting professional with a deep understanding of the Swedish market, sales and service management?

Your main responsibilities will be leading our growth, sales and account management in Sweden. As a Business Development Director you’ll be playing a key role in our customer experience. Crucial in the kind of consulting we do! But you won't be in it alone, your co-workers will be right there beside you. You'll join them for training, events and conferences that'll keep your skills sharp.

Additionally, employee experience is the key success factor for us. We hope you want to develop and cultivate our work culture and participate in the recruitment processes to ensure our team grows in a sustainable way. Our dream colleague has a genuine passion to build the best workplace in Stockholm together with our friendly team of experienced developers, designers and agile coaches.

Stockholm GPTW-Europe-2019

Here are some of the fine people you get to work with. The picture is from the Great Place to Work Europe 2019 Gala in Stockholm (we got third place!). Also, it's worth noting that the role does NOT require wearing a tuxedo.

Why you should join us

Individually we're all experts in our own field, but we recognise that we're a part of a greater whole. To truly understand the digital realm overall, we need the great minds of all of its inhabitants. Our togetherness makes us who we are, and it's one of the reasons why people tend to stay at Nitor for a long time.

Are you one of us? Join us on the journey towards sustainable digital development.