Nitor is developing Finland’s most popular business-critical systems and applications that are used by millions of people every day. Now we want to strengthen our Care Team with DevOps Support Engineers! We can provide flexible working hours, so this role is also perfect for students, as it can easily fit around any study schedule.

Jouni Tenhunen works as a Support Engineer at Nitor. “I’m a computer science student at the University of Helsinki and I started as a part-time employee at Nitor in January 2020. My role is a mix of solution development and supporting systems. I also have a chance to work with the newest cloud technologies, as well as older applications and servers. In my work I have learned a lot about large systems, system supporting and utilizing cloud technologies. Versatile tasks ensure that I can learn something new every day.” 

Please note that in this position we are requiring fluent Finnish language skills.

🧑‍🚀 About the role

We think that it is a perfect growth path for those who are at the beginning of their IT career. As a DevOps Support Engineer at Nitor, you will acquire a solid experience in system support, improve your programming skills and get a chance to work with information security and agile development methods.

Nitor Care is a handful of easy-going and fun people, with the experience level ranging from junior to senior. We are offering an environment that is good to be in. Our community is supportive and has room for every individual. The foundation of our work is based on trust, transparency and honoring others. In short, we always put our people’s well-being first and this is your chance to be part of an award-winning workplace. We work on developing ourselves every day, not only as individuals but also as a community, and this is one of the reasons why people have long careers at Nitor.

Pasi Niemi has been a Nitorean since 2012 and he is now in charge of Nitor Care as a CEO. "At the beginning of my career, I was lucky to have to immediately maintain the code I had written, and to be in close contact with customers around the world. That way I got a clear picture from the customer's point of view, and it often sets me apart from my colleagues who haven't had a similar opportunity. With this knowledge, I can plan and implement better services. In our support team, you get to see how Finland's largest companies operate their systems and what is expected of these systems. You also get to participate in the development of our own monitoring and maintenancesystem, for which we will publish our own components as open-source code." 

Would you want to work with Jouni, Pasi and other Nitor’s digital engineers? If so, we would like to hear more about you! Please send us your LinkedIn-profile/CV and we will get back to you.

🏆 Why should you choose Nitor? 

A set of benefits that makes a difference.

In addition to meaningful projects and customised possibilities for professional development, we offer you a profound set of employee benefits. Nitor is built in a way that it can support your career development, sustainable work pace, and well-being.

Here are some examples of our employee benefits:  

  • You can use 10% of your work time for your professional development however you choose, and your employer will support it.

  • Would you like to participate in an exciting event in your field? You can use up to five workdays a year for training or conference trips anywhere in the world.

  • You will have your personal, monthly updated "iron bank" consisting of 7.100€ which you can freely use to acquire preferred work tools and home office supplies.

  • You will get full holidays from the beginning of your employment, no matter what time of the year you start.

  • Full culture and sports benefits, massage benefit, and commuting and bicycle benefits

  • A 500-2000€ bonus for each professional certificate you complete

  • An extensive set of health benefits with health insurance, covering special healthcare, dental care, and psychological support, among others

  • We cherish our sense of community with our yearly employee trips (we have been, e.g., to Pisa, Berlin, Vienna, Edinburgh, and Dubrovnik, as well as the skiing centers of the North), seasonal events, and weekly get-togethers and breakfasts. You're welcome to join our running club, wine tasting, movie nights, HIIT training, or board game club, among others! 

  • Our way of working is grounded in trust, openness, and mutual respect; each Nitorean brings their unique quality to the company. We value and cherish our differences and the added value this brings to our customers.

About your future employer

Nitor is a digital engineering company founded in 2007 with over 220 experts working for it, building a better future. Each Nitorean is a digital engineer; a pragmatic and solution-oriented team player who does not settle for assumptions. Extremely high expertise and pride for our own and our colleagues' work are things we all have in common. We work with the largest enterprises in Finland, helping them succeed in building a better digital world. 

Our growth is solid; for example, our turnover grew by 8,2% in 2021. In 2022, Onway's research gave us the best place for customer satisfaction in the IT sector for the tenth time. In addition, our employees continuously report exceptionally high satisfaction with Nitor as an employer. Middle management, micro-management, and repetitive and minimally impactful customer projects are things you cannot find here. At Nitor, you can trust us to take care of everything else, allowing you to focus entirely on your work. 

Sounds promising? Do you want to be a part of enabling a code with a lifetime warranty? Submit your application and let's talk more! Please note that you will need to be authorized to work in Finland or Sweden in order to proceed in our recruitment process.

🏖 Nitor's recruitment process 

Our recruitment process reflects our values and is a clear dialogue with four stages. You will have the possibility to meet at least four Nitoreans during the process. We offer you everything you need to know when deciding on your next workplace.

 1. Get to know Nitor
We map what is most important to you in your career. Our People Partner will tell you about Nitor, our projects, and what your work at Nitor could look like. 

2. A technical interview
You will meet two of our software developers, who will form an understanding of the strengths and extent of your expertise. You will also gain first-hand knowledge of our projects and Nitor as an employer. 

 3. Open questions
We double-check that you have all the answers to your possible questions. We specify your future role at Nitor and prepare the basis for your upcoming job offer. 

4. Presenting the offer