Nitor’s development projects currently employ more than 200 software professionals who are leading experts in their field. We apply agile development methods, testing automation, and continuous delivery.

Nitor’s front-end developers come from a wide variety of background.
Niko Laitinen, Nitorean since 2014, emphasizes the understanding of the bigger picture for front-end developers.

“We are looking for a co-worker who wants to make user interfaces both user-friendly and functional. Competence in usability and visual presentation is big an advantage in the job. On the whole, front-end developers should understand how things interact: the solution architecture, REST and microservice architecture – not only within an application, but also its interfaces with other systems. Testability, capacity for further development, and maintainability are vital to us.”, Niko says.

Juuso Soikkeli, who started at Nitor in early 2017, does his job in a passionate and customer-oriented manner.
“The most important thing in my work is to understand the customer needs and deliver the best possible solution to meet them. Knowledge of web browser performance stumbling blocks and tools helps in my work, and an understanding of REST API, aggressive caching and the delivery network is also important.”

In the application, tell us about your competence and language skills. You can also provide a link to GitHub, if you have one.