Nitor's design team consists of more than twenty professionals with solid experience in versatile design tasks, especially digital services. Design plays a key role in identifying business opportunities for our client organizations and strategy implementation. We are now looking for a service designer for our team who will act as a strategic partner for our customers and help them succeed in their digital business.

What do we mean by service design?

We see service design as a holistic approach to service and business development. Service design is teamwork that requires combining and facilitating different fields of expertise at different stages of development work. Nitor's service designers are versatile experts and team players who have human-centred design and empathy as starting points of their work. Our mission is to help our customers identify the right and meaningful problems and make them actionable by visualizing and prototyping different solutions. We do not believe in gut feeling or assumptions. Instead, we use researched data on the base of our decisions. We also do not believe in silver bullets or a couple of days of quick sprints. We want to do successful, long-term and sustainable service design that creates real value for the business and the end-users.

Role requirements

Our work requires an independent and active approach. We are hands-on designers who make things happen. We know the methods of service design from research to co-creation and prototyping. Good facilitation and interaction skills are important because we work with agile development teams, business stakeholders and end-users at different service development stages. Our design expertise helps to bring different stakeholders together and also ensure an excellent result for the service.

  • We expect you to have over 5 years of service design experience and preferably a suitable degree in the field.

  • You can create digital service concepts and validate their viability as well as their value for the customers.

  • You have experience of working with business and developers. You can work as a part of the developing team and support the release and further development of the service.

  • We also value the experience of working with different industries. Experience in change management and business development is useful in this role.


If you find yourself in this description, please feel free to contact us! Attach a CV to your application. We are also happy to have a look at your portfolio.