As a Software Architect at Nitor, you play a key role in our customer projects as a part of cross-functional team of developers, designers, data scientists and test specialists. 

In our work, we apply agile development methods, testing automation, continuous delivery, and other good approaches to programming. However, independent thinking and a pragmatic way of applying proven methods in practice are more important to us than following a single method.

Our development projects currently employ more than 200 software professionals. Our teams consist of leading experts in our field. According to the business analysis service provider Onway, Nitor’s customer satisfaction is the best ever in the IT industry. This is based on customer satisfaction surveys conducted in the last eight years.

At Nitor, work is carried out with high quality and efficiency within regular working hours. It is important for us to have a great team spirit at work, that people feel comfortable here, and that there is a healthy dose of humor. We embark on joint training trips annually and organize a lot of events where we learn and teach new technologies to each other and develop our operations. We also support engaging in various open source projects during working hours. At Nitor, things are developed together and you can freely influence matters that interest you.