An Agile Coach benefits from skills from these six categories*:

  • Lean-Agile practitioner

    • How solid is your experience of agility? The insights generated through your own experience lead to lasting change that you can pass on to your clients.

  • Professional coaching

    • How can you act as a pure coach without an agenda?

  • Facilitation skills

    • How can you help larger teams work together?

  • Domain mastery

    • In which area do you have strong experience (technology, marketing…)?

  • Mentoring

    • Can you set an example of different roles and jump into the part of product owner or Scrum master, for example?

  • Teaching

    • Can you deepen your customer’s understanding of the subject by sharing theory?

This free webinar delves into these areas of expertise that form the cornerstone in creating a coaching mindset. Through the webinar, you will get comprehensive tips on increasing your skills in these areas through literature. This webinar is in Finnish.

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*Source: Lyssa Adkins