Join our half-day event to hear what Agile in Hardware means in practice and how it impacts businesses that rely heavily on hardware.

In this event, you’ll hear directly from the developer of agile in hardware methods, Harry Koehnemann, and the forerunners in agile hardware: Wärtsilä and X5 Cariad, who will share their journeys to implementing agile methodologies in environments that include both software and hardware development.

Key topics of the day:
How to enable business agility with hardware
How to organise around value in hardware
How to move from siloed work toward collaborative work
How to embrace variability and preserve optionsHow to build incrementally and integrate frequently

Target audience: 
Product owners of end products
VPs of business lines 
Program managers
Current experts in HW development

We offer a morning fika and light lunch during the day. 
We hope to see you there! 

To read more and signup, visit this page.

Best regards,
Nitor and Scaled Agile