Course description

This practical and hands-on executive training is based on the latest academic research on agility thinking and practice. Using self-reflection, you will develop four of the most critical and most challenging leadership competencies required for organizations to succeed in an era of rapid change, accelerating technological revolution, and constant disruption. 

Leading by Example is a blended learning experience that includes a series of facilitated group sessions combined with self-paced learning and application of the concepts included in the module.

Topics Covered

The course is constructed in four sessions, each of which focuses on developing one critical skill:

  • Be an insatiable learner - model habits that promote a continuous learning culture

  • Be authentic - Build a trust-based environment through authentic leadership

  • Develop Emotional competence - Promote an innovative culture by leading with emotional competence

  • Act with courage - Overcoming barriers to successful transformation by acting with bravery

Target group

Business leaders and executives.


It is important for participants to have a foundational understanding of the basic concepts of SAFe prior to completing this program.


A four-week-long intensive training program, consisting of:

  • A kick-off session

  • Two weeks of self-paced e-learning

  • Two facilitated half-day workshops

  • An action taking period

  • A closing session