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Nitor at Scan Agile 2023: Plant the seed of a sustainable transformation!

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22 mars 2023 · 3 min lästid

ScanAgile is a two-day conference on March 28th-29th in Helsinki, featuring inspiring talks, workshops, and international keynote speakers at the core of business agility. This year, three Nitoreans share their knowledge as guest speakers. Their topics differ, but they all address the same fundamental challenge: How do we plant the seed for a sustainable transformation?

Sari Alander's workshop dives deep into an individual's role in self-managing organisations

How do we manage our work so that we can become an autonomous and collaborative part of a self-managing team? And, how do we become aware of our behavioural patterns and familiar ways of working to become a flourishing member of a transforming organisation?

In order to create a sustainable change, it is crucial to understand how our brain creates our perceptions, memories, feelings, and reasonings based on our past experiences. When we can be conscious of this, we can self-regulate and self-manage, thus becoming a fully responsible and autonomous part of a self-managing team or organisation.

This workshop concentrates on how we can become conscious of how our brain works. We'll investigate how our brain can keep us stuck in something old when we are trying to create new working methods. 

In this practical workshop, you will learn about some of your brain's limitations and how to work around them. You will also get tools to help people work and communicate better together. In addition to a theory part, pair and group work will be part of the session to emphasise learning.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to be a better team member, colleague, parent, or friend. The only pre-requisite is to be prepared to challenge yourself and look at your thoughts and feelings straight in the eye. 

Antti Tevanlinna shows how to teach practical outcome orientation to yourself and your organisation

Outcome orientation is a trend, and we're constantly being told to focus on outcomes to deliver value more accurately and quickly. This, however, is not easy nor actionable for many practitioners.

Once we see the world in an outcome-orientated way, our experience tells us it is hard to return. We achieve an outcome-oriented mindset by tuning our thinking and seeing the world from the customer's perspective. 

In this talk, Antti will show five mind tricks that consistently get your brain into thinking in outcomes. These mind tricks are both proven and easy to teach forward.  

You will also learn super-practical and low-cost methods anyone can apply and teach instantly. These methods form the backbone of the Nitor Product Owner course, and we are eager to share them with you as we have seen how well they work in our courses and our daily product development work with our customers. 

This talk is for agile practitioners from beginner to intermediate level. Advanced product people and agile gurus will also pick up a trick or two. Outcome orientation and being data-informed are still not commonly used practices in our industry. This makes this topic contemporary and something we believe most of the audience will enjoy. 

Olina Glindevi & Ben Walder share their deep knowledge of The Power of Visuals and the Visual practices in the agile domain

Agile is already a visual way of working. In this workshop, we will show how the Visual Agile Coach Toolkit provides powerful ideas and solutions for improved communication, engagement, delivery of value – and fun.

The workshop will provide an overview of Visual Practices in the Agile Domain, introducing Visual Agile Coaching and the Visual Agile Coaching Toolkit to help attendees become more creative and successful Agile Practitioners.

Our workshop will help attendees start their Visual Agile Coaching journey and help any Agile practitioner add Visual Practices to their Agile Toolkit. Agile Coaches – and any Agile Practitioner - will be provided with a working introduction to the Visual Agile Coach Toolkit to enable them to use Visual Practices in their Agile ways of working. 

We will show how the Visual Agile Coach Toolkit provides a template for better, more creative, and more collaborative team interactions – which supports the introduction of progressive working methods that better engage the workforce.

Join the event

ScanAgile23 will be held on March 28 and 29, 2023, at Paasitorni in Helsinki. When you are making your workplace more agile, join us at the conference, or better yet, have your whole team attend. If you still need to secure your ticket, don't hesitate to contact Sari (, and we'll help arrange tickets for you and your team.

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