A delayed flight could cause a ripple effect to various other functions
Airline operations are complex. Keeping flights in the schedule, rerouting passengers who missed their connections, and in general, reacting to unexpected events are just some problems Operations Controllers must deal with. At the same time factors such as weather conditions, travel restrictions, and crew availability need to be taken into consideration. 

In managing operations, airlines make numerous decisions every day, the outcomes of which may depend on each other, and which can have ripple effects on many flights.

From MVP to production-ready in five months
The project moved into the "production-ready" stage in about five months, which is when it was introduced to a larger group of users. At this stage, the custom dashboard built in the minimum viable product (MVP) was dropped, and results were delivered in Finnair's internal Business Intelligence environment on AWS cloud. 

The transition to a wider user base was surprisingly smooth, although the amount of feedback naturally increased remarkably. Thus, some custom forms were introduced for collecting and storing feedback, which significantly improved the feedback loop.