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2 december 2022 · 2 min lästid

Finns are urged to both monitor and curb their electricity consumption. There are many tools available for monitoring the electricity market or household electricity consumption. Nitor's data scientists have now developed a free tool that is accessible to everyone and offers significantly more detailed information about what consumes electricity in the home.

" is a service using artificial intelligence to show how electricity is consumed in the household. With it, you can also determine how much money you could save by, for example, timing the use of large household appliances to less expensive hours," says Esa Puttonen, Nitor's data expert who was responsible for developing the service. laiteryhmät (en)

The free, accessible service combines raw data from Fingrid's open data hub with information from many other sources and provides the household with a detailed view of its electricity consumption. With, you can easily participate in the national effort to save electricity or look for savings in your own consumption.

"Using the service only requires the consumer to make the effort of retrieving the data about their apartment from Fingrid's online service. instructs you on how to do that and then calculates a snapshot in ten seconds. The information is served in a user-friendly format," says Puttonen. shows the household's electricity consumption by appliance groups and calculates the costs caused by using different appliances according to the spot electricity price. The service is designed to be accessible and easy to use. It currently works in Finnish and English, and you can first familiarize yourself with the service through an example analysis if you wish. illustration of energy consumption in a household

Nitor developed the service pro bono in the spirit of sustainable digital development. Our digital engineers were inspired by the desire to be part of the efforts to save energy. At Nitor, employees are encouraged to develop their personal projects, for which everyone can spend 10 percent of their working hours. It is actually during these so-called "Nitor core" work hours that was born.

“ was created by a cross-functional team of Nitoreans, including data scientists and engineers working on artificial intelligence, as well as user interface designers and software developers who participated in the development of the service. In the end, we developed the service in just a couple of months, although the work continues, of course, and we gradually add new features”, says Puttonen.

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Esa Puttonen, Data Scientist at Nitor
Tel. +358 (0)50 536 9591

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