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Agility makes organizations happier – Nitor’s new agile coach advocates sustainable code and living

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November 8, 2019 · 2 min read time

Andreas Tjernsten has for the last 10 years concentrated on making organizations function better and be happier. When he got the chance to work for Nitor, he adapted this principle into his own working life.

Hi Andreas, great to have you with us! What made you want to become a Nitorean?

“Thank you, great to be here! During the last decade, I’ve tried to make organizations happier and better functioning. First it was sort of “undercover” work when I was nominally working as a project manager, but for the last few years I drifted more and more towards real agile coaching. And if you want to be a believable agile coach today, Nitor is the place to be.”

“Nitor is a forerunner in agile, and the whole company is based on agile principles. That’s what makes it so interesting. There are other companies that are slowly catching up, but it can take them several years to reach the point where Nitor is now.”

How did it feel to come to work in a Finnish company?

“I’m myself from Northern Sweden and I think our mentality is very close to that of the Finns. For me, it’s been extremely easy to fit in with the company. I still haven’t learnt to speak Finnish, though”.

Based on your first days at Nitor, what have been your first impressions? Has the company lived up to your expectations?

“Absolutely! The level on transparency at Nitor is really high, and people are genuinely helpful. It’s a great opportunity to work alongside the best agile coaches to build a better world. I truly appreciate the chance to learn and grow with my peers.”

“I also loved to be able to come to work for a smaller organization. There are much better opportunities to make an impact here.”

What is, in your opinion, the main objective of agile coaching?

“In a nutshell, it’s basically getting people to work together for a common goal. Without cooperation, a company cannot move forward. It’s especially important to get the business and IT people understand each other better. The coach needs to build trust between the people and get them cooperate. This is something I like doing a lot and believe I’m also quite good at it”.

What do you do in your spare time, when you want to take a break from coaching?

“Well, I like to run and do mountain biking, but my real leisure time passion is building houses. For example, I’ve constructed my own house with advanced solutions for low energy consumption. It’s important that we strive for low environmental impact. This is especially true in the north where houses need heating. For example, my house uses passive heating and cooling. Actually, sustainability is also one thing I really like at Nitor, as we advocate sustainable digital development both in code as well as in the way we work.”

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