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What’s a Digital Engineer anyway?

We Digital Engineers engage in digital development that can meet your challenges. We like to solve problems of the difficult kind, together. Are you one of us? Join us on the journey towards sustainable digital development.

Explore the Nitor universe

Somewhere in this immense, continuously expanding space of Digital Engineers, one of Nitor’s teams is out there searching for you. We are looking for your unique intelligence and personality because we know that working with you would make us even better. Nitor is a place where your voice gets heard. Instead of slipping into a predetermined career path, you'll steer your own career by specialising in the things you enjoy.

While you're here, we promise to keep you entertained with brain-tickling tasks. But you won't be in it alone, your co-workers will be right there beside you. You'll join them for training, events and conferences that'll keep your skills sharp. And if you'd like a change of perspective, you can choose to spend some of your work hours learning a new skill, developing Nitor's work community or participating in projects that promote the common good. Openness and transparency are a part of our community code; we invite you to develop it with us.


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Join our family of coders, designers, agile consultants, data scientists, strategists and more. We're on a mission to create sustainable digital development, together, as Digital Engineers. Pragmatic creativity keeps us on our toes. We don't settle for assumptions but step beyond the answers to look for better questions.

Individually we're all experts in our own field, but we recognise that we're a part of a greater whole. To truly understand the digital realm overall, we need the great minds of all of its inhabitants. That's why we like to support each other. Learning from one another allows us to iterate and redefine our work. Our togetherness makes us who we are, and it's one of the reasons why people tend to stay at Nitor for a long time. Curious? Come and see it for yourself.

We’re interested. Are you?

Our antennae are attuned to you, so send us a message and we'll respond. Apply for our vacancies or contact our People Partners if you have any questions. We recruit one individual at a time, because it’s an individual process.

During the interview, we'll find out what we have in common and determine whether your skills suit our needs. After that, we'll ensure all questions have been answered on both sides because we want you to get to know Nitor - and ultimately find your place with us.


The Most Magnetic Employer Brand in Finland in 2023

Nitor wins the Grand Prix award at the Magnet Employer Branding Awards Finland 2023. The award jury recognises Nitor's commitment to their employee experience as well as their unique approach to engaging with employees' loved ones through the Homefront survey.


Kamu Mindplatter to help with sustainable pace

When an organization aims to maintain a hierarchy-free environment and operate completely without middle management, progressive solutions are in order to effectively support the well-being and competence development of the employees. We created the Kamu Mindplatter to meet that need at Nitor.


How does our dream tech stack look like?

What are the top languages and most loved technologies among the Digital Engineers? Find out the results of our 2023 developer survey.

Do you have more questions?

Send us a message and our People Partner Ella Raskila will answer any questions you might have. We’re genuinely interested in you and your skill sets. We want you to get to know Nitor - and ultimately find your place with us.

The most thrilling problems are solved together

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    People Partner

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  • Ella Raskila

    People Partner

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  • Erkko Vanhakartano

    People Partner (on study leave)

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  • Amanda Holmqvist

    People Partner, Sweden

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