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Steps in sustainable digital development

Build business-critical systems that can keep pace with ever-changing needs by transforming technology into scalable services. Our pragmatic curiosity keeps us on our toes. We get things done but always look for new, agile approaches to do it even better. That's how we evolve with every challenge and opportunity. To put it simply, we do sustainable digital development.

1. Identify the next chapter in your story
Nothing is set in stone. A sustainable digital strategy should keep up with the pace of a constantly changing world. That’s why our customers' success stories continue to evolve with each new chapter.

2. Build a sustainable digital business
Our Digital Engineers create evolving services, inventive working culture and strategic agility. Together, we’ll turn changes into opportunities and lay the foundation for a sustainable digital business.

Code comes to life with the people who use it


Evolving software solutions

Take the whole life cycle into account, from architecture through to continuous services. In fact, our code comes with a lifetime warranty. This means our software solutions deliver quality over time while giving you the room to react to future changes and grow.


Services by people, for people

Design services for the people and businesses who use them, both now and in the future. People are not machines. Habits change over time along with our needs. A sustainable approach to digital design takes this into account, while adjusting to adopt new technologies and innovations as they emerge.


Agility to embrace future changes​

Launch an agile revolution. Evolve your work culture, adopt more customer-centric product development processes and pursue better business opportunities. 


Data that works for you

Make data science part of your daily business. Start with elements that produce value quickly. Simplify problems by formulating learning mathematical models. When used correctly, analytics can help you make better business management and development decisions.


Towards sustainable digital development

Turn change into opportunity with an adaptive strategy. By anticipating changes in the business environment and your customer’s expectations, we can develop digital innovations and flexible structures to help you fulfil your vision. A good strategy can make you the leader of today. An excellent one nurtures a culture of experimentation and fosters the resilience needed to lead tomorrow.

New business

  • Otto Manninen

    Vice President, Sales and Marketing

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    +358 50 463 7777

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  • Jami Sjöblom

    Director, Sales and Partnerships

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    +358 40 590 4050

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  • Sebastian Uramek

    Managing Director, Nitor Sweden

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    +46 73 335 3220

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  • Satu Koivulehto

    Director, Strategy Services

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    +358 50 403 3356

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  • Juha Larjomaa

    Principal Consultant, Sales and Customers

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    +358 40 523 9350

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  • Pasi Rupponen

    Principal Consultant, SAFe SPCT

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    +358 40 740 4113

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Identify new opportunities with sustainable digital development

We Digital Engineers are here to meet your challenges. Let's harness the potential of your business together.