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Evolving software solutions

Take the whole life cycle into account, from architecture through to continuous services. In fact, our code comes with a lifetime warranty. This means our software solutions deliver quality over time while giving you the room to react to future changes and grow.


Staying a step ahead of our rapidly changing digital world is no small task. But just as with all tasks, we start at the beginning. We break it down with modular architecture and build it up with technologies that we know will go the distance. Success requires agility. We don’t design architecture in an ivory tower, but work with you to create flexible and sustainable digital solutions.


Digital business and software solutions are fundamentally built on code – either your own or someone else’s. So what’s the best solution for your business? It may involve an off-the-shelf application or innovative code, written for you to help achieve strategic advantage. Instead of writing code in a cave, isolated from others, we believe in working together. Diverse teams of experts are better at taking all parts into account. The result? High-quality solutions that stand the test of time. We’re confident enough to grant our code a lifetime warranty.

Cloud technology

Successful software products are built on cloud technology, which provides a platform for both computation and data. Our DevOps approach and adaptable cloud solutions enable a culture of continuous development, giving us the ability to adapt as your business evolves. For you, it’s the freedom to react quickly and seize opportunities. A cloud platform is not an investment in hardware, waiting to grow outdated. It's code; light, nimble and capable of adapting to change. In essence, it's sustainable digital development.

Continuous services

No one knows a story better than its writer. A team that creates the system knows it inside and out, from software features to the written code. What if the creators were also in charge of maintenance? Our team of developers build and maintain solutions to deliver continuous value creation and a superior user experience. 24/7 support ensures business-critical systems are secured by a team of experts around the clock.


Learn functional programming

Nitor is collaborating with the University of Helsinki on an online course on Functional Programming in Haskell programming language. This course is aimed at developers who wish to learn functional programming!


How does our dream tech stack look like?

What are the top languages and most loved technologies among the Digital Engineers? Find out the results of our 2023 developer survey.

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