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Agility to embrace future changes​

Launch an agile revolution. Evolve your work culture, adopt more customer-centric product development processes and pursue better business opportunities.

Product leadership

Product leadership is a mindset that involves a combination of strategic thinking, technical expertise, market knowledge, customer empathy, and leadership skills. Exceptional product leadership sets the stage for developing innovative, customer-focused products with a clear vision and strategy that drive growth, foster collaboration, and position the company as a market leader.

We help teams and organisations learn and improve with coaching and training. We help you think about outcomes in a way that's important for making products that fit what users and markets need and achieve the business goals you want.

Business agility

Agile operating models can help your company take change in its stride. These models help your business operate transparently and grant you more control in an ever-changing business environment. With adaptive strategies, agile portfolio management and financial administration, our tools can give your business the agility it needs.

Resilient organisation

Resilience is a mark of true success. Our people can help you build strong, powerful and capable teams that work together when faced with unexpected changes. No matter which direction you are bent, stretched or pressed, your business will always find a new path forward.

Agile product development

Scrum, SAFe and DevOps. Those of you who know, know. When these models are used as a base for product development, they can enable you to scale quickly and easily throughout the whole value chain. It's a way to stay a step ahead by continuously providing your customers with value.


We offer customer-specific and public training. Whether you're an individual or an organisation, we can help you and your team develop the skills needed to meet tomorrow's challenges.

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Learn with us in November

At the Nitor Product Ownership training, you will grow your outcome-thinking mindset which is crucial to deliver a product that truly meets the needs of its target users and achieves the desired business outcomes.