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What if you could envision alternative futures?

The future is a sum of countless choices and coincidences, one of an infinite number of alternatives. At Nitor, we believe diverse minds hold great visions. Together, we can use this vision to bend future realities towards favourable outcomes.

Join us to build sustainable digital development

We work together with our customers to create a better world through digital success stories. In essence, our code comes to life with the people who use it. But people are not machines; our needs change and evolve over time. Digital design takes this into account, while adjusting to adopt new technologies and innovations as they emerge. That's why we weave agility through the fabric of everything we do: to create solutions that adapt to change.

By the same thread, our services feature technology that not only adapts to change but actively embraces it. To accelerate the process we harness analytics to deliver answers to the questions you probably haven't yourself asked yet. 

Our strategies, technologies and working culture are built around this principle of adaptability. We build fully agile businesses together with our clients, with whom we share our working culture. 
We believe the future is what you make it. So here we are, ready to help your business embrace agility and identify adaptive digital strategies that help you make the most of it. It's something we like to call sustainable digital development.


Year of establishment


Best customer satisfaction in IT, 2012 – 2022


Digital engineers

Sustainability work requires continuous improvement

We want to do our part for a better future. We believe that with sustainable digital development we can make an impact in our world through digital, social, environmental, and economic aspects.

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Nitor revenue

Nitor revenue grew 8.2% in 2021
The digital engineering company Nitor increased its revenue by 8.2% in 2021, reaching approximately 35.4 million euro. Operating income for the financial year 2021 grew to 6.9 million euro (+1.8%).

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Aleksanterinkatu 46 A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland
tel. +358 10 323 5635
Nitor Group Oy, 2443018-7

Post: Nitor c/o MOW Supernova, Vuolteenkatu 1, 33100 Tampere, Finland
Visitors: Ratinankuja 1
tel. +358 10 323 5635

Post: Box 4011, 102 61 Stockholm, Sweden
Visitors: Convendum, Katarinavägen 15
Phone +358 10 323 5635
Nitor Sweden AB, 559129-0035


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Whistleblowing channel

We want to promote an open, transparent culture, and to ensure this, we have put in place a whistleblower channel based on the Whistleblower Directive of the EU (EU 2019/1937). The whistleblower channel is implemented by an external service provider and functions separately from Nitor's systems. The channel provides a confidential channel for our employees, customers and other partners to raise suspicion of possible misconduct.

Reports can be submitted anonymously. The reports are processed confidentially by a representative of Nitor's Board of Directors, Personnel Representative and Occupational Safety and Health Manager.

The Whistleblowing channel can be found at and is available in English, Finnish and Swedish.