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We make digital development sustainable

We’ve long believed in measuring two things: the satisfaction of our customers and our employees. It’s now time for us to add a new viewpoint and evaluate our contribution to the planet.

Towards a more sustainable world with digital development

Sustainable digital development enhances digital quality, lifecycle, and user experience while staying current and uncovering new opportunities. With sustainable digital development, we can impact our world through digital, social, environmental, and economic aspects.

In collaboration with our clients, we leverage industry-leading practices encompassing agile methodologies, human-centred design, thorough code quality, and open-source technologies, ensuring comprehensive coverage throughout the entire lifecycle of the digital solution.

We are part of the United Nations Global Compact, the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative, and we have committed to the UN Global Compact's ten principles. We have aligned our approach and business to support the Sustainable Development Goals.

As Digital Engineers, we want to ensure the services and products we create positively influence the world. Creating solutions that last time and can be developed further is strongly connected to our core values. We believe in transparency with our sustainability journey, impacts, and efforts towards more sustainable everyday life.


We create business-critical systems that adapt to evolving customer and market needs by transforming methodologies, design and technology, focusing on digital inclusiveness and ethics in tech to contribute to a sustainable economy and environment.

We value our people's well-being, inclusivity, and continuous learning as key to our success by nurturing a work-life balance culture and embracing diverse backgrounds and unique personalities while seeking individuals who align with our company's values.

Sustainable development goals

We believe in driving economic responsibility through profitable and stable business maintaining business ethics. We focus on fostering long-term partnerships along with ensuring customer satisfaction that supports inclusive and sustainable economic progress.

We are committed to addressing climate change through transparent actions that include reducing emissions, tracking our annual carbon footprint, and setting an ambitious roadmap for significant emission reduction to achieve a positive impact that transcends our size.

Our ethical principles

Our commitment to the Code of Conduct and responsible business practices is embedded in our strategy and pivotal to our business success. Every Nitorean, regardless of their role, must adhere to these principles.

Our impact

Operating as a responsible business partner

The foundation of our business lies in enduring partnerships. Customer satisfaction is one of our key metrics measured annually with an external partner, OnWay. We perceive economic accountability as the combination of steady, profitable business expansion alongside a conscientious network of partners.

We report openly on our sustainability through the United Nations Global Compact Communication on Progress and CDP global environmental disclosure system.

Fostering a sustainable and inclusive culture

Our top priority is our employees' well-being, which is monitored through monthly questionnaires, an extensive annual survey by an independent party, and surveys for the loved ones of Nitorians. To nurture our culture, we have the Kamu peer-to-peer coaching system for Nitoreans to mentor each other.

Our collaboration with Inklusiiv Oy enhances learning in diversity, equity, inclusivity, and belonging (DEIB). We've established DEIB principles and safer space rules, fostering a welcoming and supportive environment for all.

Our Core program allows all employees to dedicate 10% of their work time to competence development and internal projects. In addition, our Nitor’s Academy program provides tools for self-development planning and a budget for courses and conferences. With these programs, we provide a life-long development path that keeps our skills up to date and our people happy.

Working towards ambitious environmental targets

We are promoting environmental sustainability and conducting our business in a manner that is environmentally responsible, legal, and compliant with relevant environmental laws and regulations.

We calculate our carbon emissions annually and offset the unavoidable emissions of your business. We are actively reducing our carbon emissions while promoting circular economy practices.

In 2023, our Finland offices achieved WWF Green Office certification, recognising our environmental management system and demonstrating our commitment and dedication to developing environmental issues in our premises.

Nitor greenhouse gas emissions 2022

Nitor total emissions per GHG scope 2022

Total GHG emissions: 951.86 tCO2e

Scope 1: 0.0 (0%)
Scope 2: 41.86 (4.4%)
Scope 3: 910.00 (95.6%)

Graph: GHG emissions per Scope 3 category 2022

GHG emissions per Scope 3 category (tCO2e)

1. Purchased goods and services 588.25 (64.6%)
2. Capital goods 145.98 (16%)
5. Waste generated in operations 1.53 (0.2%)
6. Business travel 173.27 (19%)
8. Upstream leased assets 0.96 (0.1%)

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  • Ari Koli

    Sustainability Engineer, Lean Agile Coach

  • Markku Rontu

    Sustainability Engineer, Senior Software Architect

  • Tiina Vanala

    People Partner

  • Kaisa Kytölä

    Marketing and Sustainability Specialist