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We make digital development sustainable

We’ve long believed in measuring two things: the satisfaction of our customers and our employees. It’s now time for us to add a new viewpoint and evaluate our contribution to the world.

Towards a more sustainable world with digital development

What is sustainable digital development? Sustainable digital development takes digital quality, lifecycle and experience to a new level. It keeps pace with the times and helps identify new opportunities. Bit by bit, it promotes progress towards a sustainable world. In contrast to traditional software development, sustainable digital development creates longer lifecycles, adapts to a changing world, and strives to influence it positively.

Together with our customers, we employ the best practices in agile ways of working, human-centred design, code quality and open-source, covering the entire lifecycle of a digital solution. Sustainability in the digital field requires iterative and continuous improvement. In 2021, Nitor nominated two sustainability engineers to ensure dedicated time for the sustainability work.


Our approach to sustainability

Our approach relies on our decades-long experience in agile software development. We follow industry standards such as the UN Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals, from which we have identified four goals as the basis of our sustainability work: SDG 8 Decent work and economic growth, SDG 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure, SDG 10 Reduce inequalities, and SDG 13 Climate action. We are also working towards the Science Based Targets and Green Office certifications.

Sustainable development goals

We believe that with sustainable digital development we can make an impact in our world through digital, social, environmental, and economic aspects.

Instead of one-off solutions, we build business-critical systems that can keep pace with ever-changing needs by transforming technology into scalable services. Our code comes with a lifetime warranty.

Our long-term partnerships are the core of our business. We believe economic responsibility consists of profitable, stable business growth and a responsible partner network. Customer satisfaction is key for Nitor’s partnerships. We believe a high level of satisfaction builds trust and improves the outcome of projects, thus strengthening our sustainability framework.

The well-being of our people is our most important success factor. For years, we have measured the happiness of our customers and our employees. In addition, we have numerous innovative efforts to improve our competence development, well-being, and inclusivity in our industry.

Our first steps in becoming more environmentally sustainable are to measure and compensate for our carbon footprint. We are finding ways to reduce our emissions through programs like WWF Green Office and Science Based Targets initiative. We pledge to be transparent and share our findings so that we can achieve an impact larger than our size.

Our impact

Sustainable pace

Well-being at work
Nitor believes in a sustainable work pace adopted from agile ways of working. We measure our well-being through a monthly questionnaire and a substantive annual survey provided by an independent third party. In addition, we have conducted our own home front surveys for the loved ones of Nitoreans. We support the well-being of our people in numerous practical ways, from providing broad occupational health covering mental and physical health to a massage benefit and home-delivered coffee.

Culture that grows
Openness and transparency are a part of our community code. We run monthly pulse questionnaires for our employees and conduct an annual homefront survey to get a comprehensive image of the well-being of our people. In addition to measuring the overall well-being, we have a Kamu peer-to-peer coaching system, where Nitoreans mentor one another in everyday work life. To learn and develop our workplace even further in matters of equality, diversity and inclusivity, we work with Inklusiiv Oy and offer language lessons to our international colleagues in Swedish or Finnish depending on whether they work in our Swedish or Finnish operations.

Employee benefits
We offer complete paid vacation for every new Nitorean regardless of when they start work. As employee well-being is a broad topic, there is still room for development in this matter and the work supporting our people to maintain a sustainable work pace is continuous.

Continuous learning
Nitor’s Core-program allows for Nitoreans to dedicate 10% of their work time to be used in competence development and internal projects. In addition, Nitor’s Academy program provides tools for self development planning and a budget for courses and conferences. With these programs, we provide a life-long development path that keeps our skills up to date and our people happy.


Nitor’s lifetime warranty for code

Our code comes with a lifetime warranty. We take great pride in delivering code that future generations can work with. We take the whole life cycle into account, from architecture to continuous services. Our software solutions deliver quality over time while allowing for room to react to future changes.



We have a proven track record of designing and developing accessible services in the public and private sectors. Of course today, accessibility is an integral part of all digital development. Nitoreans are encouraged to use their work time to learn accessibility and share their insights. In addition to developing our own competence, we have a network of dedicated accessibility auditors and testers. We follow the Sustainable Development Goals in our accessibility work ensuring that no one is left behind.

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  • Ari Koli

    Sustainability Engineer, Lean Agile Coach

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    Sustainability Engineer, Senior Software Architect

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