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Data that works for you

Make data science part of your daily business. Start with elements that produce value quickly. Simplify problems by formulating mathematical models that learn. When used correctly, analytics can help you make better business management and development decisions.

Data strategy and knowledge-based management

Analytics doesn't have to be a long and arduous process. Our experts will help you quickly find the critical data giving the most relevant insights for your business. We can swiftly – and without expensive technology investments – demonstrate the benefits of using data. It’s easy to design a process serving the entire organisation when everyone understands the expected benefits.

Business optimisation

Successful businesses predict future possibilities and act on them quickly. Strategies that can turn opportunities into actions form the basis of sustainable digital development. However, you would be wrong to think brilliant algorithms are at the core of all data-driven operations. Real success is rooted in the ability to simplify key questions and present them as mathematical models. We can help you formulate the right abstraction for the right question – and deliver the answers your business has been looking for.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence can solve classification problems and detect patterns in large volumes of data efficiently. We use them for risk assessment and customer profiling, among other things. We can help you efficiently map out applications for artificial intelligence and turn models into finished products.

Data storage and management

Proper storage and management of data enables the seamless development and elegant utilisation of analytics, data management and other data-based services. Our cost-effective solutions are always guided by the principles of information security, reliability and the ability to scale to meet your organisation’s needs.

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