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Nitor Takes Home the Award for the Most Magnetic Employer Brand in Finland in 2023

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March 24, 2023 · 3 min read time

Nitor wins the Grand Prix award at the Magnet Employer Branding Awards Finland 2023. The award jury recognises Nitor's commitment to their employee experience, as well as their unique approach to engaging with employees' loved ones through the Homefront survey.

The Magnet Employer Branding Awards celebrate the best employer brands, initiatives, and professionals. The Magnet Award originated in Norway in 2014, expanding to Sweden and  Estonia and now to Finland for the first time. 

Nitor is awarded as the most Magnetic Employer Brand in Finland in 2023. The Grand Prix award is given to the most loved and cared-for employer brand in the country, and we are proud to be recognised for our commitment to our employees and their experience.

The Award jury described Nitor's employer brand as “authentic, versatile and distinguishable, and the foundation of the work is people and employee experience. The stories are told from the inside out, not the other way around.

Homefront survey is the most engaging employee advocacy initiative in 2023

In addition to the main prize, Nitor won the Most Engaging Employee Advocacy Initiative category for our Homefront survey! Unlike traditional employee surveys, the Homefront survey is directed at the loved ones of Nitoreans, including partners, children, parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends. The survey probes Nitorean’s work-life balance and the overall sustainability of work pace from the homefront point of view.

"The idea is creative, fresh, and new. It is all about inclusion and work-life balance, which are very attractive attributes for an employer to have in their employer brand right now. This entry created a feeling of a caring company that is truly interested in how their employees and their families are doing and how they can help them as an employer," the Award Jury concludes.

By asking the close ones of Nitoreans about their experiences of Nitor as an employer, we gain a broader perspective on work-life balance, remote work, and more. To read more about the latest survey and its results, see our blog post here: Nitor phone home.

Hearing the Homefront since 2015

The Homefront survey dates back to 2015, when it was first discussed at an internal culture forum, open for everyone in Nitor interested in improving the culture. Since then, the survey has been conducted regularly. The initial idea came from the Homefront - someone's spouse asked if the families could engage in evaluating Nitor from their perspective and give ideas for improvement. 

Senior Software Architect Edvard Fonsell was one of the employees creating the first survey in 2015. Edvard explains the reasoning behind the survey, "The survey shows that Nitor is interested in the perspectives of the homefront and considers them important for Nitorean well-being." 

People Partner Tiina Vanala adds, "One of our key people principles is 'At Nitor, your voice is heard'. The Homefront survey demonstrates a deep commitment to valuing and hearing all voices in the workplace, including those of the Homefront. At Nitor, we are committed to building a culture of engagement on many levels. The Homefront survey is a prime example of how we are pursuing this goal, in addition to many events and the more traditional surveys we regularly conduct for Nitoreans.”

We thank the Magnet Award Team for recognising our commitment to employee experience and company culture. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners of the Magnet Employer Branding Awards Finland 2023. Finally, we want to express our gratitude to the employees and their homefront contributing to our employer brand and making these awards possible!

Nitoreans at The Magnet Employer Branding Awards 2023

Nitoreans from the Employer Brand Task Force participated in the awards on the 23rd of March. People Partners from left Erkko Vanhakartano, Janne Järvinen & Ella Raskila and the marketing representative Johanna Raitala on the right.

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