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The ​Digital Engineers of Nitor: An experienced Data Scientist, Terhi, took a new step in her career as a Data Engineer

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December 15, 2022 · 4 min read time

Terhi Rautiainen, who studied computational physics, started her career as a researcher. A coincidence took her to wo­­­­­rk as a data scientist and focus on analytics which support business activities. Terhi’s former colleague tempted her to join the newly founded data analytics team at Nitor, where her career took a new turn almost unnoticed.

Terhi, you started out as an experienced data scientist and are now working as an early-career data engineer. What’s the story here? 

I wanted to find a new angle into my area of expertise. Data science is about building understanding which is based on statistical mathematics, but my role now is to build tools and a platform to collect and refine data. This way, data scientists and analysts can use it in their work.

I was able to change my role at work when my client was looking for a data engineer for their team about a year ago. We have a great team: half are in-house employees, and the rest are consultants like me. We work a lot remotely, but we also meet regularly at the client’s office.

Despite being one of the most intelligent colleagues that I’ve worked with, Terhi is also one of the most modest and helpful persons I know. It is truly an honour to have Terhi as a colleague.

-Samuli Visuri, colleague

It is exciting to be part of such a steep learning curve, it really sweeps you off your feet. If you’ve already come far in your own area of expertise, you won’t have many grand new ideas as often. But the whole year has now felt like an awesome ride!

How exciting! Learning new things sounds like a very Nitorean quality. But what else does a Nitorean digital engineer consist of?

I have always liked the term “digital engineer”. In my opinion, it evokes confidence. I can trust that Nitor is led responsibly and profitably. In addition, our clients can trust that digital engineers will help them solve different challenges with their unshakeable professionalism.

I’m not a fan of heroic stories. A Nitorean digital engineer is just the right mix of a humble, pragmatic, humane, and trustworthy team player. Digital engineer is a great colleague because they make others shine, too – colleagues as well as clients 

Oh, you're making me blush! How do these qualities manifest in your work?

Trust manifests in, for example, allowing me to spend time on independent studying and completing certifications.Thanks to these, I was able to catch my first data engineering assignment. So, I’ve been trusted. In turn, I’ve been able to trust that at Nitor, I can grow as a professional – in the best way I see fit.

When it comes to work tasks, the joy of learning in many ways is great. And I am not only referring to the technical questions – an opportunity to work in various industries and see different businesses gives a lot to an analytics professional. In everyday life, it motivates me when we get big things done piece by piece with a great team, both at work and in my free time too.

Talking about free time reminds me that, as far as we know, you are an active resident in Viitasaari. Tell us more about that.

The most significant factor in my well-being at work is the possibility of flexible hours and the fact that I can pretty much arrange the best time and place for my work. For the last few years, I have been living mostly in my home town Viitasaari, and it has been meaningful for my quality of life.

I still regularly visit my client in the Helsinki metropolitan area, but, especially during the pandemic, I began to spend more and more time at Viitasaari all year round. We have a remote working hub called Lennätin at Viitasaari. The hub is open to everyone and we have a great group remote workers there. The hub allows me to have a work community, even though we all work for different employers. 

Ah, the soul soothing lake views of Viitasaari. What else do you do in your free time?

I play the melodeon, primarily for my own pleasure, but every now and then also together with friends. I have always enjoyed skiing, but the winters have become whimsical. So, to my great surprise, I have developed a passion for running over the past couple of years. You can always get better at it and get into a nice flow.

Quite a sporty balance to office work, then! Thank you so much for the interview, Terhi!

Thank you very much!

In this campaign, we’ll introduce Nitoreans in different roles. Every Nitorean is a Digital Engineer: a pragmatic and solution-oriented helper who doesn’t settle for assumptions. Instead, they take one step further to seek the right questions and even better answers.

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