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The Agile Influencer of 2022 is Jari Jokiaho from DNA!

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30 januari 2023 · 2 min lästid

Nitor, known for training and promoting agile methodologies, awards the Agile Influencer of the year for the third time. This year, the recognition goes to Jari Jokiaho, VP, PMO & Agile Development at the telecommunications company DNA. Through his courageous and committed work for agile methods, Jari has enabled agility to become an integral part of DNA's culture.

The recognition aims to make visible the heroes of this valuable work, who open-mindedly search for solutions that will benefit the whole work environment. At DNA, agility has become a solid part of the organisation's way of working, from the executive level to development teams and support functions. Jari has been leading the way for agility to become one of DNA's strategic core competencies and integral in implementing the organisation's values into everyday work. 

At DNA, the whole organisation shares a common interest in agility. DNA has a large number of its employees as well as exterior partners working to continuously develop DNA's ways of working. Nitor has proudly been a part of this development work since 2016, being involved in the everyday work and a partner for training solutions. 

I am very grateful for the help Nitor has offered us, especially in the early days of the agile journey. I have been thrilled to do this work with fantastic agile coaches and other top experts from DNA. Company-wide agility is not born overnight, but requires long-term, relentless work.

Jari has had multiple essential roles in supporting DNA's continuous transformation journey for over twenty years, since the early days of the company's history. In his organisation, he is the face and voice of agility, a coach, and background support for other people. 

"Working with our agile transformation has been gratifying. Even though we’ve been on this journey for several years, it is still ongoing. We are on a journey towards a better future, and it is a privilege to be a part of it."

Thanks to Jari's long-term and people-centered work, agility is now part of DNA's corporate culture and many teams' daily work. DNA's work from the past years has created much interest also within the Telenor group, inspiring various country organisations to become more agile, following DNA's example. 

"I am very touched by this recognition, which is very valuable to me. I feel that I can receive this award for the whole of DNA." 

Congratulations to Jari Jokiaho for his inspiring work for DNA’s agile cultural change and for his contribution to the organisation’s continuous growth! 

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