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ClojuTRE 2019 Open Source Giveaway

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Written by

Joel Kaasinen
Senior Software Architect

Joel Kaasinen prefers to sail, ski or climb, but when he programs he prefers it functional.


September 11, 2019 · 2 min read time

Nitor is sponsoring the ClojuTRE conference on September 26-27 in Helsinki. As part of the conference, Nitor will reward Clojure-related Open Source Contributions made during September with prizes and a donation to Clojurists Together fund.

Nitor does what we call Sustainable Digital Development. Sustainability means crafting quality solutions, but also making sure that the programming community is able to improve them as the world evolves. Sustainability is about sharing work and building common tools and libraries together. This is one reason why Nitor lets employees use 10% of their working time on projects of their own choosing, such as open source and internal development. However the annual Clojure conference ClojuTRE offers us an opportunity to do more and engage the community.

“Open source tooling and libraries are a large reason why Clojure development is so enjoyable. We Clojurists of Nitor love the quality of the Clojure ecosystem. Balancing salaried work with unpaid open source activity can be a challenge, so it’s important to try to offer incentives for working on the common good.” says Senior Software Architect Joel Kaasinen.

“As part of our Sustainable Digital Development program we give our deliverables a lifetime warranty (Ikitakuu). This often means basing our solutions on open standards and tools. We definitely want to do our part in supporting them” instructs CTO Tommi Laitila.

As part of ClojuTRE 2019 Nitor wants to engage the community by encouraging new contributors as well as funding the existing good work in the form of a giveaway.


Come and show your (Clojure-related) open source contribution from September 2019 on the Nitor stand at ClojuTRE 2019 (in Helsinki, September 26-27). We will award special prizes for the best contributions. Winners will be announced at the end of ClojuTRE 2019. There is no preset criteria, we’ll see what types of contributions come up.

Additionally, we will donate 10€ to Clojurists Together for every contributor. We will also publish the names (or pseudonyms) of all participants in this blog (opt-in).

Terms and conditions:

  • One contribution per contributor (identified by github account name or similar) only

  • A contribution can be a pull request, a tutorial, administrative work such as answering issues or making releases, or something entirely different

  • The contribution needs to be either written or accepted/merged during September 2019

  • “Clojure-related” encompasses Clojure libraries and infrastructure, as well as JVM and JS infrastructure used in Clojure development

  • The final decision on whether something is a Clojure-related open source contribution is done by Nitor

  • You can explicitly opt-in to your name (or pseudonym) and contribution being published with the results

  • Nitor employees can enroll, and their contributions will be counted in the donation, but they are not eligible to win prizes

Written by

Joel Kaasinen
Senior Software Architect

Joel Kaasinen prefers to sail, ski or climb, but when he programs he prefers it functional.