Sustainable digital development

The achievements of Nitor's digital engineering skills are now enjoyed by, among others, Posti's address maintenance and service production, which is responsible for sorting and distributing millions of postal shipments every day. The new basic distribution management system, in turn, steers the daily work of hundreds of Posti service points. The tip of the iceberg was the launch of a consumer web service that was designed in a responsive manner. The service allows consumers to forward a notice of change of address from the service to the local register office.

Immediate measurable savings

It was a major and business-critical renewal project. The success of this agile transformation can be seen in a 30 percent decline in testing costs, Posti reports.

Nitor played a key role in the project. I'm especially pleased that, despite several challenges, the entire project was delivered according to the schedule. And within the budget.

Marcus Gustafsson, Project Manager, Posti.