A key part of the digitalisation of Sanoma's business operations

All of the company's consumer sales channels will be centralised to the new Sanoma Sales Platform. It operates the online services of Helsingin Sanomat, Ilta-Sanomat, Ruutu, and Nelonen Media, among others. With the Sanoma Dashboard tool, customer service runs like clockwork.

Agility and new business operations

Thanks to the agile project, Sanoma has been able to launch new online sales services for its key products and following a record-breaking schedule. In addition to order management, invoicing and product management, among other things, the platform will enable cross-branding, which has provided many new business opportunities. With Nitor's digital engineering skills, the harvest is already being reaped: the transactions transmitted through the platform and the resulting turnover have been growing since the first implementation.

Nitor brought in an experienced team that was able to break our needs into manageable entities.

- Paula Hiltunen, Director, Sanoma.