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ClojuTRE 2019 Open Source Giveaway Results

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September 30, 2019 · 2 min read time

Nitor collected Clojure Open Source contributions from September at the ClojuTRE 2019 conference. The five best contributions got special awards while Nitor also donated 340 € to support Clojure Open Source efforts via Clojurists Together.

The ClojuTRE 2019 Open Source Giveaway results are in!

Special prizes were awarded in five categories chosen by our illustrious but humble jury.

Best developer experience improvement: matcher combinator support in kaocha-cljs by plexus. Clojure and ClojureScript testing has been slowly getting better and kaocha is the tool you should check out.

Best new project: datahike by kordano. Databases and datalog have been hot in Clojure for a while now with Datomic by Cognitect leading the pack. Open source and community efforts are catching up and remixing the concepts, as is this datalog-based small-scale database.

Best backwards compatibility effort: work towards cljdoc api diffing by martinklepsch. Backwards compatibility is a big part of the Clojure philosophy. Making your libraries backwards compatible will soon be easier once we have API diffing in cljdoc, so you can review and highlight changes in your public APIs.

Best community building effort: It starts with Clojure by anan44. It’s been quite some time since we saw fresh self-study materials for Clojure. This guide looks like a solid start for a future go-to-resource!

Best library maintainership: Reagent 0.9.0-rc1 by deraen. What would ClojureScript be without Reagent the React wrapper? It is the cornerstone of frontend development in ClojureScript. And what would Reagent be without steady maintainership and new releases to keep up with React?

Other contributions

Other contributions participating in the ClojuTRE 2019 Open Source Giveaway included a markdown maven plugin by walokra, the influxdb-client library by jacobemcken and bufixes in reitit by kommen, edamame by rap1ds and migratus by mangolas.

ClojuTRE 2019 organizer Metosin is perennially active in open source and in addition to the Reagent release above we’re happy to highlight yet another kaocha-cljs feature by arcatan, some startup-time optimization for the Simple Clojure Interpreter by ikitommi, and async error support for sieppari by nilern.

Rounding of our list of 17 contributions are some by our own Nitoreans. JSyrjala fixed some dependencies for clj-http while Macroz worked on tangle, his Graphviz library for Clojure. Opdonut and luontola registered their client work on REMS for the giveaway, since the project is public and open source.

Thanks to everybody for their contributions! We promised to donate 10 € per contribution to Clojurists Together, but since the list ended up shorter than we expected, we’ll double that to a total of 340 €.

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