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Digital Engineering company Nitor is Finland’s Best Workplace

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February 16, 2018 · 2 min read time

Digital engineering company Nitor has been awarded as the best workplace in Finland in 2018. A total of 156 organizations with some 50,000 employees took part in the Great Place to Work study. Nitor, now participating for the fourth time, improved its ranking after achieving the second place last year. Last year, Nitor was fourth best workplace in Europe.

It’s official now. Nitor is Finland’s Best Workplace in 2018! The Digital engineering company, founded in 2007, took part in the Great Place to Work organization’s study of Finland’s Best Workplaces for the fourth time. Each time, the software company, striving for sustainable digital development, has been ranked among the best workplaces in Finland and Europe.

“We are very proud of this recognition and our positive journey in the Finland’s Best Workplaces study. We are currently at the most interesting point of our ten-year history: our business has grown significantly, we have reached new markets, and we offer more versatile services than ever before. However, our financial development takes second place when it comes to the satisfaction of our employees. They are after all the ones who enable Nitor’s success”, says CEO Matti Vilmi from Nitor.

In 2017, Nitor’s turnover grew by 49% year-over-year, reaching EUR 21.1 million. In the autumn of 2017, the company started its internationalization by setting up a country organization in Sweden and opening an office in Stockholm. Over the past year, Nitor has also expanded its services in the fields of data, AI and service design. Even though all the indicators continue to show growth, a culture of experimentation and personnel self-direction will remain at the core of the organization.

Nitor employs nearly 120 Digital Engineers, all finest professionals in their field. The versatile group includes coders, designers, and architects as well as Lean-Agile coaches. Instead of a hierarchy, Nitor aims at openness and equality, and there are no traditional managers in the company. Everyone working at Nitor has a peer or “Kamu” that they can obtain support from or discuss their personal goals or concerns with, always in full confidence. Culture is also being developed together: for example, everyone’s wishes were taken into account when designing Nitor’s new offices.

“We believe in participatory leadership: instead of a hierarchy, Nitor encourages open discussion and decision-making. We believe that the best decisions are made by distributing the decision-making to those who have the best experience and the will to participate”, Vilmi says.

Meaningful work develops competence and makes the company successful. As an example, DevDay, which is arranged bi-weekly, is a space for experimentation and learning new technologies or practices. Everyone at Nitor is also allowed to spend 10% of their working time on “quality time”, such as advancing their personal projects or studying.

“Continuous improvement is a part of our culture. This is visible in everything we do. It’s great to see how actively people are involved in improving the things that affect all of us”, says CEO Matti Vilmi from Nitor.

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