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Henrik Taubert joins Nitor’s Sweden office as Senior Lean Agile Coach

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September 5, 2019 · 2 min read time

Henrik Taubert is our newest addition to agile coach team with a long experience in software development and agile coaching. He will play an important role in guiding Swedish companies towards better business agility.

Henrik Taubert will be instrumental in building the groundwork for Nitor to establish the company as a local provider of agile transformation. Nitor is already well known among SAFe agile framework users in Sweden, and Henrik’s task will be to spread the awareness of digital engineering to even wider circles.

“The Swedish market isn’t that different from Finland. Of course, people don’t know us here as well as they do in Finland, and we have a lot of marketing and networking to do to establish our presence. The challenges that Swedish companies face and the needs they have are quite similar to Finland. And no wonder, as there are many bigger companies with satellite offices all over the Nordics,” Taubert says.

Being the fifth employee in the Sweden office, Taubert sees that the Nitorian unique company culture has been present from the get-go.

“Lack of hierarchy is an elemental part of Nitor’s DNA. We have people who joined us from the Helsinki office where our culture was born. But we still need to pay attention to maintaining and evolving our culture as we grow and hire more locally. After all, our culture is one of our greatest assets,” Taubert says.

With a long experience in software development and agile coaching, Taubert is a welcomed addition to the team. Before Nitor, he was working with Scania in Sweden and before that he spent 18 years with Ericsson. The father of two has lived in Stockholm for three years with his family, so he’s well familiar with the local technology scene.

“The trends in the Nordics are similar. Everyone is talking about digitalization and trying to figure out what it actually means for their company. And there are many companies gathering customer data, but they don’t necessarily know how to utilize it. Overall, data-driven businesses are a huge deal,” Taubert summarizes.

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