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How will Great Place to Work winner Nitor develop its culture in the future?

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March 12, 2020 · 2 min read time

Nitor has been chosen among the best places to work in Europe and Finland for five years in a row, but for now, the company will focus on developing and improving its culture without the Great Place to Work survey. Instead, Nitor will strengthen its PeopleOps activities as well as bring additional services to support the wellbeing and constant learning of its experts.

Great Place to Work gala has been the social event of the season for many winters now, but this time we aren’t taking part in the celebrations ourselves. The decision behind dropping out wasn’t an easy one as Great Place to Work has significantly helped us to develop Nitor’s culture. This year, however, we felt that it’s time to bring forward our own expertise in taking Nitor’s culture one step further.

For a long time, we have been developing our services around overall wellbeing and enhancing our skills through a participatory approach. As Nitor has grown, our agile HR team called PeopleOps has also strengthened. The team is now developing necessary support functions that serve the low-hierarchy model Nitor is known for. To achieve this, we work together with stakeholders such as occupational healthcare for the best possible results.

Low-threshold services for holistic well-being

During the past year, our theme for development has been proactively listening to the worries and challenges of our employees. Our new Friday Stop allows Nitorians to walk in and talk with our PeopleOps professionals – no bookings needed! We also measure the well-being of our employees with a monthly survey to tackle any issues quickly.

These are only some examples of our low-threshold services for improving one’s wellbeing. Sometimes more in-depth help or support is needed and that’s why we have also added services for mental wellbeing, such as an occupational psychologist in-person or via chat and short-term psychotherapy.

Peer support and networks

Peer support is valuable for an expert facing challenges. At Nitor, we call this practice “Kamu-Kaveri” (in English, Buddy-Friend), and it’s the cornerstone of our culture. The goal for a Kamu, or Buddy, is to support their Friend on a regular basis and in a target-oriented manner. Their tasks might include onboarding, listening, supporting, helping maintain balance in different aspects of life, and on-going professional sparring.

We develop our collaborations with new and rising operatives by actively partaking in different networks revolving around modern work. We will talk more about our upcoming initiatives in terms of improving our know-how and wellbeing at work throughout the year.

“We would like to thank the Great Place to Work organization for our long collaboration. The best place to work in Finland is a promise we intend to keep every single day. We are still utilizing the tools from Great Place to Work and use them to deepen our understanding of the discoveries made. We will continue to develop Nitor’s culture, and I believe this is how our digital engineering company stays healthy,” says our CEO Matti Vilmi.

We are also looking for new Nitorians to join the crew – check out our open positions and apply today!

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