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The Digital Engineers of Nitor: Laura creates unforgettable experiences for more than 200 colleagues

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December 20, 2022 · 4 min read time

Having worked for as long as eight years as a Digital Engineer, Laura Lampinen is an experienced Nitorean. Responsible for different kinds of events and procurement, the Business Operations Specialist is multi-talented with a knack for holding threads together and whose most crucial customer group consists of more than 200 colleagues.

You have solid experience in roles that require excellent organisational and planning skills. How did you end up joining Nitor, and what kinds of things have you been doing here?

I was supposed to become a sign language interpreter but didn’t get a study place. Instead, I started as an export assistant for a company that sells professional kitchen equipment to cargo ships. I worked there for two years, and during that time, I concluded that becoming an interpreter wasn’t in the cards for me. I enjoyed office work, so I decided to apply to Haaga-Helia to study to be a Management Assistant because the degree programme included plenty of language courses. After graduation, I spent a few years at IBM as a Marketing Coordinator until I landed a job at Nitor by chance – there was a need for my skills, and just over a week after my interview, I was working in Nitor’s blue hoodie.

My tasks include the management of our premises, and I take care of matters related to employee benefits and procurement, from well-being to massage benefits and office furniture. I’m also responsible for Nitor’s Iron Bank, which provides every employee with a budget for acquiring work tools and home office equipment that suit their preferences. Another significant area of responsibility is organising various events: this year, for example, we traveled to Vienna for training and threw a pre-Christmas party in December.

You joined the Nitor Operations team, which only had three members at that time – yourself included. How has Nitor grown and developed since then?

In those days, our organisation was considerably smaller. I joined a company of 50 employees, and now there are more than 200 of us. Among other things, that meant that everyone in our team did pretty much everything, whereas now there are nine of us and we can specialise in specific areas. We’ve also put great effort into ensuring that our culture keeps pace with growth.

For example, organising events for this large of a work community requires a lot of planning, project management, communication, and cooperation with different parties. You can’t always tell from the outside how much work has gone into putting together a successful event. We enjoy this work because it maintains a sense of community.

Laura is one of those colleagues you wouldn't manage without. When you think of doing something, she's already done it. Efficiency is her middle name, and her wit is what makes her such a joy to work with!

- Tiina Vanala, colleague

A pragmatic and organised approach is, indeed, a very typical way of working at Nitor! What do you feel are other fundamental characteristics of Nitor’s Digital Engineers?

For me, being part of the Nitor team means, first and foremost, a sense of community. At Nitor, I have more than 200 Digital Engineers as friends. We take pride in being Nitoreans, both through our culture as well as our work. A Digital Engineer is an embodiment of solid expertise in their line of work, desiring to deliver the best possible performance and be genuinely proud of what they do, such as the code they write and the experiences they create for their colleagues.

A Digital Engineer has an insatiable curiosity and interest in new things. Continuous learning and development stem from the fact that we are always evolving, and there is always room for improvement and new realisations. The industry is constantly developing, and we must keep up with the changes. This growth-mindset is reflected in my work on a daily basis, and I like it.

Continuous development is certainly encouraged here. What other things do you find important in your career?

People are definitely the most important thing. Colleagues, the work environment, and the atmosphere play a significant role because I spend much time at our office in the centre of Helsinki. Investing in well-being at work has also become more important to me, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s why it’s so amazing that, in my work, I get to support my colleagues outside the office as well. This year, we added a new element to our Iron Bank related to work ergonomics. Now Nitoreans have the opportunity to set up an ergonomic workstation that suits their needs at home.

It’s wonderful to have you taking care of us, Laura! How do you take care of your own well-being when you’re not working?

I enjoy spending time at the cabin, and, when the weather is nice, I particularly enjoy fishing, too. I’m very fond of my family’s cabin, which I visited for the first time when I was only two weeks old.

Christmas and everything surrounding it also brings me great joy – you can celebrate Christmas all year round. I love to plan and buy gifts throughout the year because I want to give meaningful gifts that will bring joy to the recipient. I organise my gift giving meticulously using Trello, which makes preparing for Christmas effortless.

Based on your organisational skills, it sounds like you’re in the right job! Thank you for the interview, Laura!

Thank you!

In this campaign, we’ll introduce Nitoreans in different roles. Every Nitorean is a Digital Engineer: a pragmatic and solution-oriented helper who doesn’t settle for assumptions. Instead, they take one step further to seek the right questions and even better answers.

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