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Nitor opens a new office in the center of Stockholm focusing on sustainability

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March 28, 2023 · 3 min read time

When the IT consultancy Nitor moved into its new office in the city center in February, the main focus was sustainability. Choosing an environmentally friendly office was a top priority, but looking at social, digital, and economic sustainability was equally important, and something Nitor is keen to incorporate throughout its operations.

In February, the 21 employees at Nitor in Sweden moved from an office hotel to their own office in Birger Jarlsgatan. Despite the current popular hybrid work life, Nitor has invested heavily in the new office, with a full focus on sustainability.

“Sustainability permeates everything Nitor does, and we consider including our office as the bare minimum. We take a long-term view in everything we do, and we want to set a good example and inspire others to make conscious choices", says Sebastian Uramek, Managing Director of Nitor in Sweden.

Nitor follows the UN Global Compact guidelines for sustainability. The new office also follows the guidelines for WWF Green Office, an environmental management system in Finland, where Nitor's headquarters is located. This means that the office meets certain guidelines to reduce its carbon footprint and to use natural resources in a sustainable way. Moving to its own office space allows Nitor to monitor and decrease the emissions and consumption of its operations.  

”We compared premises, checked environmental footprints and also reviewed the sustainability performance of the manager to ensure that all our criteria were met. We are lucky that we found property owner Vasakronan, who also takes sustainability very seriously and, for example, allows only electricity from renewable sources in its properties", says Sebastian Uramek.

Nitor Stockholm office

As part of its drive to be more sustainable, Nitor chose office furniture that has not been transported too far, that is produced using materials with as low environmental footprint as possible, and of such quality that it can be repaired rather than replaced. With the help of Ragn-Sells, the waste is measured and only Svanen labeled cleaning products are allowed to be used on the premises.

It is not only the environmental aspect that Nitor wants to be sustainable in, but also social and economic sustainability as well as sustainable digital development characterises the company in both countries.

“We want our employees to feel good about their health and work-life balance, and have the right tools to develop their skills. We believe that if we can provide a sustainable working life for our employees, they will also deliver a digitally and economically sustainable result for both customers and the company", says Sebastian Uramek.

It is no coincidence that the new office is very centrally located in Stockholm.

“The location of the office is very important. It should be easy for everyone to get here and have a location where you can easily stop by, even if you're off work. The office is also open 24 hours a day so that employees can come here and hang out with clients, colleagues, friends or family", says Sebastian Uramek.

In Finland, Nitor has had the highest customer satisfaction rate in IT for over ten years according to an independent survey, and has also won many awards, such as Best Workplace in Europe, by Great Place to Work. 

More about Nitor in Sweden

Nitor’s Digital Engineers are committed to sustainable digital development. The Digital Engineering company creates adaptive business-critical systems and services with a lifetime guarantee. Nitor currently employs over 220 Digital Engineers with a shared passion to harness digitalisation for creativity, productivity and new business. Agility is at our core: we help drive agile methods across the organization. Over the years, the Finland and Sweden-based Nitor has been awarded as the Red Herring Global Top 100 winner, Tivi ICT Company of the Year in Finland, and one of the best places to work in Europe as listed by the Great Place to Work® institute.

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