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​Nitor revamped the digital systems and design of Posti’s Parcel Points

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April 9, 2018 · 2 min read time

Posti’s network of almost 600 Parcel Points is the second largest in Europe. By the end of 2019, Posti will introduce over 1,000 new Parcel Points at places like housing cooperatives, shopping malls, service stations and other public spaces. Studies show that Posti’s Parcel Points are the consumers’ number one choice for picking up their parcels.

The Parcel Points’ user interfaces were revamped in late 2017. The real test came when an all-time record number of parcels went through the Parcel Points over Christmas holidays. The popularity of online shopping has expanded the entire delivery market. During 2017, a total of 37 million parcels went through Posti, and the weekly record was broken just before Christmas: Posti delivered as many as 1.2 million parcels over a week.

“Online shopping continues to grow in Finland. The need for delivering parcels and goods is increasing, and the Parcel Points’ new automatic system supports the growth in the number of transactions and the Parcel Point network. The real-life test of the system’s capabilities at Christmas time definitely proved that the new information systems helped mail carriers work faster and facilitated parcel pickup,” says Kati Nevalainen, the director responsible for Posti’s Parcel Services.

Nitor revamped the Parcel Points’ user interfaces that serve consumers, couriers and businesses. Also customer service tools as well as various background systems were revised. In addition, the project included a revision of the Parcel Points’ device drivers.

”From the very beginning, consumers, couriers and Posti’s customer service were all involved in the planning. Through early prototypes, the team got frequent feedback from customers and future users of the system, and we were able to react quickly to the changes needed,” say Nitor’s Principal Designer Timo-Pekka Viljamaa and application architect Antti Turunen.

New services through parcel points at housing cooperatives

In addition to the Parcel Points, Nitor has also been responsible for building the systems for Posti’s newest service, the Smartpost terminals. These will be placed in public spaces at housing cooperatives. It was essential to ensure the compatibility of the systems with Posti’s shared Parcel Point architecture.

Major constructors such as Bonava, Skanska, Heka, Hartela, YIT and SRV have already reserved spaces for Smartpost terminals in new residential buildings. The machines make new kinds of services available for the residents. During this year, dozens of residents of new buildings all over Finland will be able to receive online purchases, parcels and even groceries through the housing cooperatives’ own Smartposts.

“Through Smartpost, you can send your clothes to the laundry or your shoes to a cobbler practically from your own couch. The Smartpost is a great example of how well-designed digital services make life easier for consumers while creating new business,” Kati Nevalainen says.

According to Posti, about one half of the 1,000 new Smartpost terminals will be placed at new as well as existing housing cooperatives.

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