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​Nitor Strengthens its Data Science and Enterprise Architecture Services Through Corporate Acquisition

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October 22, 2018 · 1 min read time

Nitor completed the acquisition of the company ATK Helsinki on 1 October 2018. With the acquisition, Nitor strengthens its expertise in both data science and enterprise architectures. The acquisition also involves Nitor’s team being joined by two long-standing experts: Samuli Visuri and Jarkko Honkio.

Of the key members of ATK Helsinki, Samuli Visuri will take the helm at Nitor Insight in the role of Managing Director. Nitor Insight is Nitor’s business unit focusing on artificial intelligence, data and utilization of machine learning. Principal Architect Jarkko Honkio will be responsible for the development of Nitor’s architectural consulting and services. With the acquisition, the current customers of ATK Helsinki, such as Amer Sports, will become Nitor’s customers.

“We have been working with Samuli and Jarkko for many years now, so closer cooperation with them was natural. The acquisition complements our expertise brilliantly and opens up a number of new business opportunities”, Nitor CEO Matti Vilmi says.

Before establishing ATK Helsinki, Samuli Visuri worked for Nokia and Microsoft for a long time in, among other things, sales forecasting and production chain management analytics.

Jarkko Honkio, in turn, has long-running experience of developing the enterprise architectures of Sanoma and Nokia.

“We have already previously noted that our views are in line with Nitor’s with regard to the potential of creating value from business data using analytics. Becoming a part of the digital engineering company is a very exciting opportunity to engage in sustainable digital development at the international level”, Samuli Visuri says.

“Success on the global market requires companies to be able to forecast and plan the future better and better. The demand for analytics services utilizing artificial intelligence is clearly on the rise”, he continues.

“New types of requirements are imposed on enterprise architecture as the operations of companies are digitized and the pace of development accelerates. Developing architecture together with the customer is inspiring, and the people at Nitor understand the importance of quality in this matter as well”, Jarkko Honkio adds.

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