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Organizational Resilience Expert Minna Janhonen Started at Nitor

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May 20, 2019 · 1 min read time

Nitor has appointed organization development and human resources expert Minna Janhonen as a coach for Lean and Agile methods. Before joining Nitor, she has, among other things, had a long career as a Senior Researcher for the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

At Nitor, Minna Janhonen will develop especially People Operations, that is, training and coaching products related to supporting people's work and promoting organizational resilience, or change capability. Her doctoral thesis discussed information sharing in teams, and she has also worked in development projects for agile organizations.

"Today's working life is very complex, and the changes are quick. To tackle this, companies need the ability both to anticipate changes and to adapt to them. Resilience, or change capability, is the lifeline for organizations," Minna Janhonen says.

On what level is the change capability of Finnish companies at the moment?

"Since proactivity rarely shows immediately in the company's profit, many make the mistake of not investing enough in developing it. The traditional Finnish work attitude tends to focus more on hard work and less on development," Janhonen responds. "However, changes in working life have alerted companies to notice the importance of resilience as well. Moreover, change capability can be improved with rather simple ways. We are already trailblazers in terms of agility, let's put change capability next on the agenda! Studies have shown that developing one of them also supports the other."

Nitor has already trained more than 5,000 professionals for agile development, and the number is steadily increasing. In terms of agility, Finland is already one of the world's top countries. According to a recent study conducted by Nitor and the University of Helsinki, only 6% of Finnish companies adopt no agile methods.

"It is great to get a super professional like Minna to our team. We want to further the agility and change capability of Finnish companies, and ongoing training is one of the best ways to achieve this," says Rami Sirkiä, Managing Director of Nitor Delta.

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