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Wärtsilä Automation & Controls R&D Unit is the Agile Influencer of the Year!

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December 15, 2021 · 2 min read time

Nitor awards the Agile Influencer of the Year for the second time. This year, the recognition goes to the entire Wärtsilä Automation and Controls unit, which open-mindedly adopted a new way of working. As a result, they were better able to serve a large number of customers and meet demanding deadlines.

The purpose of the recognition is to make visible all the heroes who are doing valuable work, searching for solutions that will benefit the whole work environment. This year we wish to give the award for an entire unit, where the employees together created a new agile way of working. What is remarkable at Wärtsilä is that agile ways of working have not typically been adopted in the context of manufacturing a physical product. Furthermore, cooperation is crucial for the success of agile transformations. At Wärtsilä, everybody involved embraced the change and set the common good as the top priority.   

Nitor Agile Influencer 2021 award on white background

Automation and Controls -unit produces control systems for all of Wärtsilä’s engines. Being focused on the control software, developing electronics, and customer deliveries of a very physical product, the team open-mindedly adopted the Scaled Agile -Framework (SAFe) into their operations. People involved became an example for the rest of the organisation on implementing agile ways of working. We wanted to acknowledge their courage to be pioneers in their field when having faith in agile working methods while crafting an entirely new work culture. 

The leadership’s willingness to be patient with the change and allocate sufficient resources for the process was vital in succeeding in the endeavor. This enabled the whole organisation to follow what one unit started. Leadership also issued significant effort into training the entire organisation. With the help of their internal change agents, Wärtsilä was able to take charge of the change themselves. Accepting full responsibility for the process, they adapted the agile ways of working to achieve set objectives best. 

Automation and Controls -unit is based mainly in Vaasa, Finland, and one team is located in Trieste, Italy. We are nearly 200 top professionals who are highly committed to our work to meet our customers’ needs in the best possible way. Our work consists of modeling and executing the control of engines through programming, electronics, and instrumentation. In addition, we take care of building and maintaining the system for development and customer service. 

– Janne Tarsa, Director, Automation & Controls 

The award is based on the realisation that behind a successful change, there are often individuals who have worked hard for the highest good of the whole organisation. The wellbeing of the work community and financial rewards are often the results of successful agile transformations. In 2020, the Agile Influencer of the Year was Mirette Kangas from Yle. 

Warmest congratulations to the winner! 

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