Did you know Elisa's webshop is one of the most popular and well-liked online stores in Finland? From mobile phones to at-home entertainment and subscription services, it's easy to order products online to be delivered directly to your door. The customer journey is effortless and you're sure to find lots of new products and services along the way. That’s what we call a comprehensive digital sales channel.

Elisa's webshop serves the everyday lives of its customers

Everyone knows an online store exists to increase sales, but not everyone can make the most of it. Elisa knows it's all about improving the user's customer experience. When it's easy to search for, find and order products, it's also easy to make a purchase decision. As more of us turn to online shopping during the Covid pandemic and remote work, intuitive digital services like Elisa's webshop have never been more needed.

More functional, accessible and secure

More people are browsing and shopping on their phones than ever before. With this in mind, a fully responsive webshop plays a crucial role in customer experience. Elisa's webshop uses machine learning models to recommend the right products to the right customer. This means Elisa can expand its product range while keeping the customer journey simple. In the future, the webshop will be even more personalised. 

The security of digital services has never been more important. Secure payment and identification are the most important functionalities of Elisa webshop. Accessibility also plays a major role, with functionalities in development to support users with different needs.