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Technology strategies that stand out from the traditional

Our vision is derived from our deep understanding of technology. We believe in sharing our experience to make your strategic technology decision-making easier.

Top-level technology strategy

The complexity of the business technology landscape is increasing. Organisations are making technology decisions without fully understanding what kind of digital landscape they are heading to. Our technology strategy services differ from the traditional offering. We base our service on the vast hands-on technology strategy knowledge gathered in numerous leading businesses and organisations.

A clear technology vision is necessary in the IT chaos. We don’t believe that sales reps should be running the show. We believe in pragmatic solutions that connect with the reality of your hands-on development initiatives. We drive flexibility to enable quick responses to your customers' changing expectations and behaviours. We are objective and neutral about any technology provider ties.


Online shopping has evolved from an additional sales channel to a seamless part of the customer's omnichannel journey. There is no single way to build a webshop. Careful consideration of whether a custom build, a product platform or a combination of the two will lead to success is critical. Nitor has extensive experience with traditional and modular e-commerce products and building services tailored to customers’ needs. We can help you choose the right architecture and technologies that take the entire e-commerce life cycle into account: from quick pilots to an evolving sales channel that enables a quick response to your changing business needs.


Modern marketing should identify the customer's needs and fulfil them with the right message, in the right channel, at the right time. Sounds easy on paper, but often feels like a mission impossible. Seamless marketing requires the ability to understand the customer and business objectives from a 360° perspective. After this, it’s the match-making between these two poles. At Nitor, we have experience with the entire marketing stack along the customer journey. We know how to harness the latest technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), big data and no-code tools, without losing the focus on your business objectives. With our help, you can choose marketing technology that bridges the gap between marketing strategy and execution and integrates with your existing business and technology architecture seamlessly.

Consumer data strategy

Consumer data is a foundational element in modern omnichannel business but can be surprisingly challenging and complex. Businesses are different, legislation is strict, and consumer behaviour is beyond control. Choosing the right technologies starts with understanding your business.​ Technology strategy for consumer data ensures that your customers’ interactions in any channel are seamless, personalised, and flexible for the ever-changing customer behaviour patterns.​ At Nitor, we have extensive experience in consumer data solutions ranging from CIAM to event-driven data mastering.

Cloud strategy

Well-designed cloud strategy not only standardises technology choices across the organisation but also enables efficient use of emerging technology opportunities and provides room for independent team-level technology choices​. AWS, Azure, and Google are here to stay as platforms for digital business. Technology choices ranging from event-driven serverless microservices to highly workload-optimised virtual machines are best made with a sound understanding of your business vision. Automated governance and active financial optimisation are key capabilities. Many organisations end up with a mix of cloud platforms in their technology landscape since, often, migrating to a single platform won’t make sense. Nitor has extensive experience in multi-vendor cloud technology landscapes and can help you make the right choices.

Software engineering strategy

Nearly all organisations, even the more traditional ones, require some part of their IT solutions to be custom-built. A well-designed software engineering strategy is fundamental for making wide-ranging buy-vs-build decisions.​ It guarantees that the investments you make in software development produce the desired business advantage while building a smooth-running, future-proof, and cost-efficient technology foundation. At Nitor, we not only guide you on your technology landscape journey, but we take responsibility for engineering your solutions. This seamless collaboration between strategy and implementation is the cornerstone of our expertise.​

Data technology strategy

Data, analytics, and AI are impacting every organisation. Operative decision-making and digital services are increasingly driven by analytics. The technical capabilities of today are tremendous. Still, many organisations struggle to utilise analytics in daily business operations and decision-making. Finding the connection between business strategy and what analytics can deliver can be challenging. Nitor data technology strategy is based on wide hands-on experience in data science and data integration. With our pragmatic knowledge, you form a plan on how your organisation will incrementally transform into a data-driven one.

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