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The Digital Engineers of Nitor: Adam follows his heart and enjoys the variety of client work

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March 30, 2023 · 6 min read time

Adam Wallin is a coding wiz with skills in video games and music production. Having started at Nitor when only 22 years old, Adam has honed his expertise on various fronts and takes on a multitude of tasks as a Nitorean Software Developer.

You represent the lower spectrum of Nitor’s age demographic. Could you start off by telling us a bit about your background and how you found your way into becoming a Software Developer at Nitor? 

I started coding Java games when I was about ten years old. When I sent my first invoice for coding work, I was a mere teenager, which of course, was a big deal at the time. After high school, my priorities spun into another direction, and I focused on music after discovering FL Studio and ProTools in my school’s studio. 

During university, I put my master's on hold and put all my efforts into music. I worked mainly on hiphop, and sat in a cellar mixing and mastering for a couple of years. Then in 2017, I found my way back into coding and started freelancing again. Eventually, I was hired by Nitor in 2019. 

That’s a wealth of experience in a relatively short time! What kinds of things keep you busy at Nitor? 

On a general level, my priority is to aid the clients in all their endeavors. Usually, my work centers around building sustainable software. If problems arise with the applications currently in place, part of my job is to find solutions for them. Apart from coding, I assist in software architecture and design. I also dip my toe in the client’s recruitment process by conducting technical interviews, and have had the opportunity to participate in strategic design with a couple of clients. 

You indeed seem to be the type of person who enjoys varied work. Does that sound right? 

Yes! I do enjoy being able to switch things up. There’s always the possibility to keep working on familiar duties, of course, as long as necessary logistics are sorted through with the client. All the projects I’ve been involved with have included the opportunity to switch and expand upon my roles very fluently. 

Adam is the backbone of our team, a brilliant and charismatic individual with not only a sharp mind but also a great sense of humour. I feel lucky to work alongside such a talented colleague!

- Huining Deng, Senior Software Developer

What’s the best thing about your work? 

I’d rather answer by telling what I find most enjoyable about working at Nitor. It’s the collaboration behind every project. As a freelancer, you get accustomed to being a team of one, and the realm of responsibility is very narrow. Nitor places a great deal of trust on the employees, so everyone has the chance to participate in a project’s different avenues. 

If the aim is to drive your competence in a certain direction, you can be sure to find support at Nitor. Personally, I tend to throw my hand in the air quickly if I feel like taking on a new challenge. Both the clients and my colleagues have been really positive towards this. 

Sounds like an excellent work environment, indeed! What qualities would you say a Nitorean Digital Engineer should possess? 

Looking at the people around me, I would say the most important qualities are openness and mutual trust. Nitoreans share a humble drive to keep learning new things, as well as operate on a highly functional level. There seem to be endless possibilities to apply and develop one’s skills at Nitor. We have a lot of different people , and everyone is a shining example of excellence in their field. People are given room to reach their full capability. 

Nitor employs high-level professionals, which is also a great motivator to keep developing one’s own skills. At least for me, the fact that the level of knowledge is so high works as a driving force. 

Let’s gaze upon that ceiling of knowledge you mentioned. What aspirations do you have for your own career? 

I’m fairly spontaneous when it comes to my own career development. I simply tend to follow my heart and move towards things that spark my interest at any given time. I don’t really have a formal career path thought through. Nitor is a great place to work in that sense as well, as employees have ample opportunities to shepherd their careers into many different directions in their own way. 

Aside from coding and music, you’re also an enthusiastic chess player. Could you tell us more about this hobby? 

I started playing chess in 2017 but got really into it after taking part in our chess club’s game nights. It’s a great way to meet new people from all walks of life. My personal best on the online circuit is 2100, while my top score in a live game was a simultaneous victory on black against Lithuania’s number one player Tomas Laurušas. 

We recently hosted a Finnish Championship group chess round at Nitor’s offices, where two 8-player teams went head-to-head. We play what’s known as long-form games, which means the play clock is 1,5 hours, and after 40 moves an additional 30 minutes is added. One game took up to six hours. 

Has the strategic mindset of chess proven to be an asset in your work at Nitor? 

Absolutely. Especially design often requires a tactical and lateral mindset. You need to keep an eye on the past, present, and future. Chess also has an aspect that’s applicable to life in general, as it often requires you to make difficult decisions in a short time. You often must make a choice between a bad and worse option. After a few years of playing, I’ve noticed that my concentration, methodology, and stress management capabilities have improved. These are, of course, valuable assets for work. 

Stress management is definitely important alongside an open atmosphere. What has been your most memorable moment at Nitor thus far? 

Probably the strategic trip to Italy in 2019. That was the first time I had the opportunity to get to know my colleagues better. I felt like I was a step away from other Nitoreans due to my age and inexperience, but the reception I got was absolutely fantastic. 

The most memorable moment occurred on the second day of the trip. We had a bike ride scheduled for the morning and I overslept royally, missing our bus. When my coworkers got a hold of me, the bus turned back, and I was picked up at the hotel. I didn’t even have a water bottle handy, but other Nitoreans shared what they had and made sure I had a great day. That was the moment I realized that this group leaves no one behind.

In this campaign, we’ll introduce Nitoreans in different roles. Every Nitorean is a Digital Engineer: a pragmatic and solution-oriented helper who doesn’t settle for assumptions. Instead, they take one step further to seek the right questions and even better answers.

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