Strategic tool

Listening to customers is a part of Kesko’s business strategy, and customer feedback is essential for customer experience development. Hymy is Kesko’s internal communications software that collects written customer feedback and other wishes from various channels. Hymy makes processing customer messages swift and easy as messages are directed to the right place and the right person in real-time. This allows K-retailers to tailor their store for their customers and serve them even better.

Fluent dialogue

With fluent dialogue, everyone benefits: Hymy provides Kesko’s grocery store personnel and K-retailers with the resources to quickly respond to feedback, create an active dialogue with customers and utilise all collected information in systematic process development. According to the store’s staff, the best thing about Hymy is the ability to respond to messages directly, at any time and anywhere. They also use this information to make their store even more attractive and customer-oriented. The Hymy system allows customers to receive responses faster and more wishes are fulfilled More reasons to smile!

Hymy in numbers

Digitally collected feedback from K-food store customers has increased 50-fold over the last two years. The Hymy customer feedback system is widely utilised in K-stores and in almost 1400 K-food stores, which have around 1.2 million customers a day. Hymy has cut response time in half even though the amount of written feedback has increased by 20 percent.

This is how it works

With the help of the system, the customer messages reach the recipient in seconds, such as the K-Market in Taka-Töölö. Also, any image files are stored in the Amazon cloud and the message still goes through text analysis before it appears in Hymy. 

The retailer receives feedback immediately. If they need the expertise of a supplier or a kitchen, it is easy to leave a comment request at the right address via the Hymy system before getting back to the customer. In the past, discussions took place on a number of different channels. Today, they are all visible to users directly in the same thread. 

Hymy is world-class customer insight software.

Johanna Kontio, Senior Vice President at Kesko