NAPA is an experienced user of agile methods for more than ten years. The organisation has developed its way of working step by step. In 2017, NAPA renewed its organisational model, grounding its operations firmly on self-management. Coaching has been an essential support for the realisation of self-management in practice.

The balance of theory and practical exercises ensures that the learnings get transferred to everyday life

The collaboration between NAPA and Nitor included coaching courses tailored to NAPA's needs. The courses were conducted both in a classroom and a remote setting. The group size of the courses was kept to 15 participants to optimise the interaction during the courses.

One of the most important features in the courses was the balance of theory and practice. After each theoretical part, the subject at hand was internalized through practical exercises so that the lessons learned could be implemented right after the course.

Another essential factor in the courses was creating a secure and confidential atmosphere. Building trust between participants enabled changing the mindset towards a coaching approach. New techniques could be practiced in a safe environment. Through exercises and joint discussions, participants created a solid connection, which removed the pressure often present when starting something new and trying things out for the first time. There was no need to fear failure or be wrong, making it possible to share ideas freely.

Photos: NAPA

Just the right balance of theory and practical exercises.

- Jan Mattsson, Director of Software Development, NAPA