Significant savings with a modern system

Polaris is Finnair's new operational flight information system that utilizes and shares flight data-related data within the organization and with external actors. Polaris will gradually replace the previous system that has been in use for years. The new serverless solution achieves significant cost savings and enables scalability as well as flexible development in the future.

Modern technology enables easy maintenance

The new solution, implemented with relevant technologies, enables the system to be maintained by Finnair's own team. Transparency of the system status is also clearly better than before. Nitor acted as Finnair's strategic partner in the design, realization, and implementation of the new system. In addition, Finnair's own development team was involved in the implementation phase to ensure smooth knowledge transfer.

Polaris connects flight information systems

Polaris acts as a hub for various flight information systems. It collects information from several different systems and passes it on in a consistent format. In air traffic, there are numerous systems like these. For example, flight schedules and estimates and actualities related to their operation are information that is widely utilized in various services. Polaris collects information into a harmonized view, for example, when the airplane has landed on the runway and publishes the information through the interfaces for use by other applications.

The information provided by Polaris is utilized in numerous functions

Polaris is widely used and it is utilized by all of the functions that require flight information at Finnair. In addition to internal systems, Polaris is utilized by Finnair's partners, such as airport operators. The data transmitted by Polaris is used in many of Finnair's own internal functions, such as operations, customer service, crew, catering, and cargo systems. Polaris also provides information on the customer interface for websites, emergency communications, and the use of CRM systems.