A Team Coach ensures that the scrum framework is followed and removes impediments so that the team delivers value and quality products to their customers. A good Team Coach makes sure the team is able to focus on the right things at the right time and motivates the team to fulfill their potential.

Course description

The scrum master plays a vital part in building high-performing agile teams that can adapt and evolve to changing circumstances and demands.

The course will give you the knowledge and capabilities to become a servant leader who knows how to build and develop a successful agile team that delivers maximum business value. 

You will gain an understanding of the agile framework and the language around it so you can work seamlessly in an agile environment. You will gain hands-on skills in the essential agile practices, such as facilitating a demo session and a retrospective. You will also learn about facilitation methods and tools that encourage learning. You will learn about coaching methods that encourage commitment, trust, and responsibility. 

During the training, you will learn and discuss agile principles and Scrum values and how to nurture these in your organisation.  We will also allocate time focusing on your environment and how you can implement what you learned during the course. 

Contents of the course

The course is highly interactive with theory, practical exercises, and discussion of real-life case examples and participants' own experiences.

The following topics will be covered:  

  • Understanding of the Scrum Framework

  • Scrum principles and values and how to bring these to your organisation

  • Scrum roles, artifacts, and events

  • Estimating and prioritising: tools and practices

  • Building and developing an agile team

  • Incremental and interactive value delivery

  • Facilitation methods and tools

Target group

The course is suitable for new and existing team leaders, coaches, and people who support agile teams and want to improve their work as servant leaders. In addition, experts who want to expand their role within an agile team and gain needed knowledge to step into a new position of leading an agile team. 

As a foundational course, it is valuable to anyone interested in agile ways of working. 

In brief

  • Duration of the course: Two days

  • Group size: Minimum eight persons

  • Price: 1195 € (+VAT) per person.

  • Cancellation policy: Cancellation has to be done 14 days before the course starts to avoid costs. Cancellations made later than 14 days prior to the course will be charged 50 % of the course price. In case of a no-show, the full price is charged. The organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone the course if the minimum number of participants is not reached.