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Abba sets the mood while Nitor gets selected as one of the best places to work in Europe

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June 6, 2019 · 2 min read time

Digital engineering company Nitor is one of the best places to work in Europe. The results of European-wide Great Place To Work study were released in an awards gala held in the home of Nobel banquet, Stockholm City Hall. Nitor took the third place in its category being also the most highly ranked Finnish company. This year, a record amount of Finnish companies participated in the study.

Nitor received its award in an extravagant, Eurovision-like gala with an excellent liveband playing Swedish pop classics. The Digital Engineering company took part in the Great Place to Work’s study for the fifth time, and they were chosen as the best workplace in Finland for two years in a row between 2018-2019. The company founded in 2007 is dedicated to driving sustainable development further and has done well in the European level study as well – Nitor has been selected as one of the top workplaces in Europe each year it has participated.

"Taking good care of our employees has been our goal since founding the company. Our success comes from this principle and the circle of good it creates: our employees have the opportunity to evolve constantly, and our clients get the best possible service. It warms my heart to get selected as one of the best places to work in Europe, especially now when we are expanding our global business," says the company CEO Matti Vilmi.


Nitor already operates in multiple countries taking their agile development training and culture to large companies across Europe. The company established an additional office in Sweden a year and a half ago and now grows its local footprint along with new customers.

”There’s a demand for our services on both sides of the bay, but we are only willing to grow in terms of finding the best possible people to support that goal. We believe that the values of Nitor – unity, agility, efficiency, pragmatism, and passion – resonates among those who work in the field of digital services. The company culture or co-workers aren’t irrelevant to modern day digital engineers,” Vilmi says.


Instead of hierarchies, Nitor’s company culture aims to support openness and a self-imposed way of working. Agile HR and People Operations is practiced as well as preached to clients through coaching and trainings. Nitor’s consultants help businesses to create and maintain an agile company culture that allows them to operate more efficiently in changing environments.

There is no middle management at Nitor, but every Nitorian has their equal buddy, or Kamu as they call it in Finnish, a very own coach they can confide to about their personal goals or worries in private.


In 2018 Nitor’s revenue grew 18.2% from the previous year reaching 25 million euros. Within the two past years, Nitor has expanded its services to artificial intelligence and enterprise architecture by acquiring ATK Helsinki and kickstarting a new business unit called Nitor Insight. The demand for service design, user experience, and the development of mobile services has continued to increase.

“We are passionate about our work and expertise, which is why we also want to offer the best possible framework and people to do the job,” Matti Vilmi says.


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