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Nitor achieved a record-breaking result in customer satisfaction survey

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June 16, 2021 · 2 min read time

Nitor has achieved a record-breaking result in the customer satisfaction survey conducted annually by the independent business analysis company Onway. The digital engineering company has always fared well in the survey for the entire decade that it has measured customer satisfaction. The 2020 results are the best in Onway’s history. Nitor has managed to maintain a high-quality customer experience while simultaneously growing its business considerably. 

Nitor measures two factors: customer and employee satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is key for Nitor’s long-term partnerships where the digital engineering company is often responsible for the most critical systems and services. Cooperation with our customers has always been a key focus of our consulting operations and a high level of satisfaction builds trust and improves the outcome of projects.

Customer satisfaction is a prerequisite for all of Nitor’s business operations and it has been measured continuously since 2012 in cooperation with the independent business analyst Onway. In the survey, our customers rated their experience with Nitor on a scale of 1–6 in areas such as management of the customer account, services and consulting, benefits the services produce for the company and company brand.

“This is an impressive result. We have analysed the experiences of Nitor’s customers using both interviews and online surveys for 10 years already. During this time, Onway’s benchmark database has grown from 300 interviews of business decision-makers to more than 3,000 interviews and more than 140 comparative surveys. Nitor’s business has grown together with the number of customers who participate in the survey each year. Nonetheless, these digital engineers have managed to keep their top position among the companies included in Onway’s company comparison, which we also use as a benchmark,” says Tero Rönnqvist, Research and Development Manager and Partner at Onway, commenting the results.

The overall score of 5.32 that Nitor achieved is the all-time best among surveys Onway has conducted for service companies. Nitor’s customer satisfaction has been the highest every year among the 150 companies that participate in the survey. As such, Nitor’s customer satisfaction was also the best among its comparison group of ICT companies.

Nitor has managed to maintain a very high customer satisfaction especially considering that the company’s turnover has quadrupled over the years. Customers were particularly satisfied with Nitor’s selection of services and consulting as well the benefit Nitor produces. In recent years, Nitor’s selection of services has indeed expanded and now it includes technology, design, agility as well as analytics and strategy services.

As many as 91 per cent of Nitor’s customers consider the company a significant partner instead of a mere service provider. This denotes a growth of 27 percentage points compared with last year’s result.

“We have managed to continuously improve our customer experience and 2020 was no exception. In addition, we have managed to grow our business and the number of employees without compromising on customer satisfaction. To us, this demonstrates that there is clearly increased demand for sustainable digital development and that Nitor continues to provide this service with exceptional quality,” says Nitor’s CEO, Olli Auvinen.

The survey was conducted during the pandemic spring and summer. The results are also a great demonstration that delivering quality is possible regardless of exceptional circumstances. Our group of competent digital engineers are of course to thank for this!

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