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Nitor has achieved the highest customer satisfaction rates in the IT industry for over 10 years

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November 7, 2022 · 2 min read time

Nitor maintains first-class results in the annual customer satisfaction survey. The digital engineering company has regularly measured customer satisfaction with the independent business analysis company Onway since 2012. The long-term focus and development on quality customer work have kept Nitor at the top of customer experience levels in the IT industry for over ten years

Nitor has kept its customers at the core of its business since the beginning. Thus, the customer and employee experience of the company are monitored and measured constantly. Nitor’s sustainable way of working stands for the quality of work and work-life balance. This has generated excellent results in customer satisfaction already for ten years. Nitor has achieved the best results in the IT industry category every year.

“Nitor’s ability to meet the individual customer expectations of business decision-makers has remained very high throughout the years. They have had great continuous growth and success in scaling their business and also been able to even increase customer satisfaction, as these results indicate. Although the number of respondents has grown yearly, Nitor’s results have also improved year by year!” Tero Rönnqvist, Research and Development Manager and Partner at Onway, says.

Nitor has analysed customer experience with the business analysis company Onway since 2012 and in-depth interviews and online surveys have been applied. In online surveys the customers are asked to rate their experience on a scale of 1–5 in areas such as account management, services and consulting, and the company brand. In the interviews each interviewee has defined individual expectations and evaluated how these expectations have been fulfilled.

“Our customer experience levels have been a point of pride for Nitor for a long time, and keeping the top level has also naturally been our goal when growing our business in Sweden. Maintaining and developing our customer relationships is continuous work, and it is our focus also in the following years,” says Nitor’s Sales and Marketing Director Otto Manninen.

Despite the changing environment, Nitor has kept customer satisfaction and the quality of partnerships at a high level. This year, Nitor ranked again as number one out of 165 companies in the online survey and got the highest score ever regarding satisfaction with their services. The Net Promoter Score measured by the interviews was 80. 60% of Nitor’s customers evaluate the partnership as strategic, which is the highest honour.

“Over ten years, Nitor has maintained a high and sustainable level of customer satisfaction while growing its business considerably. These results are a great accomplishment for us. Naturally, we want to ensure the positive development of customer satisfaction also in the future,” says Nitor’s CEO Olli Auvinen.

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