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Nitor’s customer satisfaction once again the best in the IT industry

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November 22, 2021 · 2 min read time

Nitor has achieved excellent results in the customer satisfaction survey conducted annually by the independent business analysis company Onway. The digital engineering company has always placed first in the survey for the more than ten years that it has measured its customer satisfaction. Nitor has managed to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction while simultaneously growing its business considerably.

Customer and employee satisfaction are the foundation of Nitor’s business and they are monitored and measured regularly. Thanks to the continuous development of its customer work, many customers feel that Nitor is a strategic partner of theirs and Nitor’s customer satisfaction results are the best in the IT industry. At Nitor, customer satisfaction has been regularly measured since 2012. The survey was conducted in cooperation with the business analysis company Onway. In the survey, our customers rated their experience with Nitor on a scale of 1–6 in areas such as management of the customer account, services and consulting, the benefits the services produce for the organisation and the corporate image.

A record number of our customers responded to the survey this year. Nitor’s long-term customer work has yielded results: Nitor placed first out of 162 companies in the online survey and achieved a record result for the customer satisfaction of the services it provides. The Net Promoter Score measured by the survey was 84, which equals to a very high score. Half of the customers that responded to the survey considered Nitor a strategic partner of theirs.

“The need for digital services has grown substantially and the growth continues. At Nitor, we have been able to meet this increasing demand without compromising on the quality of our customer work and customer satisfaction. We are happy that this is also evident in the results we got from the survey, and we also want to bring this level of customer satisfaction to our growing business in Sweden,” says Nitor’s CEO Olli Auvinen.

Nitor, known for its high level of customer satisfaction, also serves customers in other Nordic countries and has opened an office in Sweden. The number of experts working at the Stockholm office has more than doubled in the past year as the digital engineering company focuses on expanding its business. The goal is to maintain the achieved level of customer satisfaction also in the new market.

The results are a great indication that Nitor has been able to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction in the long term, even with the transition to remote work. A thank you goes to all Nitoreans for making this possible!

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