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Rami Sirkiä nominated as SAFe Fellow for his long-term dedication to agile methods

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September 26, 2022 · 1 min read time

Nitor’s Rami Sirkiä has received the SAFe Fellow recognition for his systematic, long-term work for agile methods. This recognition is the second within Nitor and, being a rare nomination, has only been awarded to 40 people globally.

Scaled Agile’s SAFe Fellow nomination is the most prestigious distinction that can be awarded to individuals who have exhibited the highest levels of thought leadership and transformational expertise in implementing the Scaled Agile Framework.

Sirkiä has been at the heart of agile transformations since 2010, when Nokia R&D transformed into SAFe. He specialises in lean portfolio and governance, and has created a new approach for budgeting that supports agility. He has a strong background in finance and sourcing, which gives Sirkiä a solid foundation for his work on enterprise transformations, lean portfolio management, and lean governance.

Agile budgeting is vital when striving for company-wide agility in an organisation, as incremental development needs to be supported by a funding model that allows financing incrementally. The agile funding model, therefore, helps an organisation become fully agile. It also increases trust within a company, maximises value creation with current resources, and minimises unnecessary investments if customers’ needs change. 

“The recognition encourages me to continue developing operating models and sharing the lessons I have learned. Scaled Agile Inc. has the market position to change the world. I’m excited about the opportunity of modernising the management methods for large companies together”, Sirkiä says.

Click on our blog to learn more about Rami’s thoughts on agile budgeting. 


Rami Sirkiä
Managing director, Lean-agile transformations
+358 40 731 9602

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